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Why Multi-Touch Campaigns Are an Effective Marketing Strategy

Yellow Letters Complete Brings in Tidal Waves of Leads with Multiple Send-Out Marketing Campaigns


Hurley, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2016 -- It's all well and good for someone to see your marketing message once. No matter how alluring a company's offer may be, they often fail to adhere to the importance of being in the right place at the right time. Think about it: Company A has a genuinely fantastic, affordable, and unbeatable quality offer but its marketing letter shows up on a day when the potential customer is extremely busy at the office or just isn't needing Company A's service at the moment. Company B, however, – who has more expensive and lower quality services – consistently sends out materials and eventually gets the client. Had Company A just been more persistent, there's no doubt the lead would have chosen them had they had the information in front of them to compare both companies.

Multi-touch marketing is an essential ingredient missing in the marketing strategy of so many companies – companies that have good products and great services to offer. Yellow Letters Complete has the experience, the ability, and the tools to enable its client to regularly reach new customers and generate tidal waves of leads with the client hardly having to lift a finger.

Yellow Letters Complete doesn't just stop at multi-touch campaigns. Their one-a-kind service allows for hand-addressed, personalized materials available in a variety of colors and sizes that can be automatically scheduled to go out 5, 6, 7 times or more. This uniqueness compliments the multi-touch campaign in that leads don't always feel as if they're getting materials from the same company, thereby making it more likely they'll give the letter a read and subsequently learn more about the great deal inside.

"Our company is about utilizing a variety of proven and effective strategies in conjunction with one another in order to get the results our clients want," shared Yellow Letters Complete Owner Zach Braunel. "An enticing pitch, a unique look – both are methods that are important, but without repetition the likelihood of closing a deal is far lower. Multi-touch marketing compliments all the work that's been put in on the front end."

Businesses are invited to learn more about growing their business through personalized marketing by visiting Yellow Letters Complete's website. While there, they can learn more about the other unique and effective techniques the company employs.

About Yellow Letters Complete
Yellow Letters Complete was founded in 2006 and has grown into one of the largest hand-addressed envelope service providers in the world. They help grow businesses with direct mail marketing by mailing letters in hand addressed envelopes to targeted mailing lists. Yellow Letters Complete employs a team of over 60 individuals and mails out over one million hand addressed envelopes yearly. They offer yellow letters, letterhead letters, letters with a hand-signed wet-ink signature, postcards and targeted mailing lists in an easy to use, turnkey system. By using invitation style envelopes hand addressed by real people, Yellow Letters Complete is able to generate more responses from a targeted mailing list than traditional direct mail marketing methods.