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Why Organic Crib Mattresses Are Worth the Price According to


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- Many moms and dads today wonder whether they should get organic crib mattresses instead of ordinary ones. After all, there is increasing concern about making ethical and environmentally sound buying decisions. Plenty of parents are also concerned about the harmful effects of chemicals that out-gas from mattresses over time. explains why organic crib mattresses are worth paying a little bit extra for.

While the public is taught to believe that all crib mattresses are equally safe, there are some products out there that are superior to others. That is certainly true when it comes to organic crib mattresses. Organic mattresses can cost $250 or even more depending on the brand and model in question. There are two basic reasons why parents should spend a little extra: their child's welfare, and the welfare of the environment.

Mattresses have long been known to release chemicals into the air thanks to the fire-retardants that must be used on the highly flammable materials used to fill them. Organic mattresses make use of materials that are naturally flame-retardant, like wool, or are otherwise treated to be less harmful to growing babies.

Another reason to pick an organic mattress is comfort. When children sleep on mattresses covered in plastic such as vinyl, the problem is not just PVCs. The same waterproof material that keeps spills off the mattress also makes for a crinkly, noisy, and often hot sleeping surface for your child. Organic mattresses covered in water-resistant cotton or damask cloth may not have the same kind of resistance to damp, but they allow more air circulation to keep a child cool and comfortable. These fabric mattress covers are essential in humid climates, especially during the summer.

When it comes to being earth-friendly, the concern is not just about whether a product is biodegradable. Organic mattresses are made in a more ethical fashion, because no pesticides or herbicides were used to grow and process the raw material used to make them. In the case of cotton, going organic means helping farmers achieve a more effective and sustainable method of growing their crops that will lead to a long-term improvement in their quality of life.

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