Why Quartz Worktops Are the Future of the Stone Industry


Essex, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- Stone worktops of any sort are a porous worktop medium. The sizes of the pores within the material is a varaible dependant upon the stone type in question. The size of these pores determines the level of absorbancy. Many myths exist in relation to the use of stone sealants blocking these pores making the surface become imperious thus eradicating issues with staining, but regardless of the sealant used, surface penetration is inevitable.

The visability of the staining will be diminished by the choice of colour used. For example a granite such as ivory brown which is very light in colour has a greater suseptability to staining than that of star galaxy as this variety is predominantly black in colour. The easiest way to comprehend the issue is by making a comparison within a more familiar environment. If one were to change the oil within a motorbike on a back garden patio, and oil was spilled onto the stone patio slabs, staining of these slabs would result from this. The speed in which the spillage is cleaned up would determine the level of staining incurred but the oli would stain never the less.

Quartz Worktops have allievieated this issue. Using a combination in the best in modern science and the use of natural materials, a worktop medium has been created to make staining a thing of the past making quartz the most suitable choice for homeowners as it's scratch-resistant and its non staining characteristics, distinguishes it amongst other worktop materials. It will stand up to high traffic and bumps when compared to alternative worktop materials like laminates and natural stone. Quartz additionally boasts of containing four times more flexural strength and impact resistance when compared against granite and marble.

Worktop Factory encourages customers to go to their web site to search for information concerning quartz and why it's considered one of the most effective natural materials for worktop requirements. Client testimonials also are on the market as reference for purchasers that wishes to take into account quartz and different natural stone worktops from Worktop Factory.

Worktop Factory is the leading fabricator of Composite Quartz Worktops offering the finest kitchen worktops on-line. It guarantees customers the most effective choice of natural stone materials that will upgrade the life in any residential and industrial room. The company offers a vast choice of quartz colours: from grey, white, aqua, green, blue, brown, orange, yellow, pink, purple, red and black and many others from the leading quality quartz brands such as Arenastone, Caesarstone, Cimstone, Compac, Luna Stone, Okite, Quarella, Silestone and Technistone.

To ensure custom-built and a well-fit worktop Worktop Factory’s manufacturing plants offers masonry or fabrication services to consumers direct thus ensuring the lowest prices. Massive natural stone quartz slabs are expertisely cut and formed into the required shapes and sizes that homeowners and contractors require.

Furthermore, Worktop Factory provides the explanations why quartz is the best alternative stone material available. Additionally, quartz is the strongest stone option available. When used as a worktop, it will resist distortion, scratching and marking which will resist odours, bacterium and mold growth.

Customers will benefit from a free no obligation quote from the company’s official web site at http://www.worktopfactory.co.uk/ or by calling 0845 862 1054.

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