Why Should Businesses Adopt Lean Manufacturing Model?

In today’s times, all the manufacturers should focus on transforming their operations by automation of business processes across their value chain. This will increase their efficiency and performance. This is the basic idea behind lean manufacturing.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2014 -- What is lean manufacturing?

The term is the most common jargon in the manufacturing industries these days. Every company wants to adopt this practice. But many of the business owners are still unaware about this process. So what exactly is lean manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing is a production practice that considers the expenditure of resources to be wasteful. It only considers the value addition to the customer and focuses on elimination of wastage. So basically, lean is aimed on preserving value with less amount of work.

Theory behind it: Essentially, lean manufacturing is based on finding efficiencies and removing steps that are wasteful or don't add value to the end product. With this process, the quality is not compromised – the cuts are a result of finding more efficient ways of accomplishing the same task.
It is a customer centric approach and it works on the theory that they shouldn't pay for defects, or the waste i.e. for the extra cost of having large inventories.

Anything that doesn't add value to the end product is waste according to Lean Manufacturing. Normally, any business should monitor these eight categories of waste:

1. Overproduction – Is the firm producing more than demands of the consumers?
2. Waiting – How much is the time-lag between any two production steps?
3. Inventory – Are the supply levels and work in progress inventories too high?
4. Transportation – How efficiently are the materials moved?
5. Over-processing – Does it on the product too many times?
6. Motion – Do people and equipment move between tasks efficiently?
7. Defects – How much time is spent finding and fixing production mistakes?
8. Workforce – Do the workers work efficiently?

Modern production plants are not defined by the manufacturing of products anymore, but by their features such as flexibility, faithfulness to deadlines, and product variety. To achieve competitive advantages, an organization must focus on shorter product life cycles. Production companies must increase the efficiency of their internal processes and continually improve it.

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