Why the Black Friday Slump Is All About Jobs

GetMyMomaJob.com - Why the Black Friday Slump is All About Jobs!


San Tan Valley, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- The Wall Street Journal reported a 13.9% decrease in sales this past Black Friday. Although revenue is up 2%. There have been many reasons passed around to the "why" this has occurred, but the reality is jobs!

In a recent survey conducted by Get My Mom a Job through its network of almost 30,000 Twitter followers, the response to the "why" was quite dramatic. Over 80% of those responding to the survey, stated simply: "Income & Job worries." "We are seeing an unprecedented trend in the job market. With over 20% of the population in the United States that were employed, now unemployed have given up their job search, according to the Commerce Department & Wall Street Journal" stated Michele Unangst CEO of Get My Mom a Job. "With unprecedented numbers of unemployment, under-employment, and those that have simply given up, why would retailers believe there would be a surge in sales this Holiday Season?"

In fact this Black Friday saw unprecedented discounts being offered to lure shoppers. However, according to CBS Marketwatch people have employment and jobs on their mind. December and January are the two largest "hire" months for both companies and job seekers, this is what people want for Christmas this year.

"People are looking beyond bargains, TV's, Xboxes, and toys. They are seeking solutions. Men, Women, College Graduates, and Veterans, this is a different Holiday Season." "This Holiday we can have the best of both Worlds" states Michele Unangst.

Get My Mom a Job in conjunction with Get My Dad a Job and Get My Vet a Job is running their own December to Remember Event. Right now, everything on the Get My Mom a Job website is 50% off, with code: Holidays. People now more than ever are competing for employment. There are job openings across the country in the 10's of thousands that need to be filled:

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With 1000's of openings people need the tools to get the jobs. People are struggling and making critical mistakes that take them out of the running before they even have the chance. Get My Mom a Job is offering the solutions. "We have the jobs, we have the tools to get people the jobs, people now need to take action. There are more Full-Time and Part-Time W-2 Telecommute jobs available than there ever has been. We are going to put people to work" states Michele Unangst.

http://www.GetMyMomaJob.com and code: Holidays, take advantage of the current hiring spree that companies are on. With the help of Get My Mom a Job, this will be peoples true December to Remember!

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