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Why the Elderly Need to Consult Lawyers in West Palm Beach

Lawyers In West Palm Beach – Serving The Special Needs Of The Seniors


Tequesta, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2015 -- Lawyers in West Palm Beach work solely with the aging population and their families. They provide integrated services like estate planning, probate, and medicaid planning to support all the problems confronted by the seniors. By seeking the assistance of lawyers in West Palm Beach, the elderly can find solutions for all their problems – disability, disease, long-term care, living wills, and end of life planning.

Beyond a certain age, the elderly population is often incapable of managing their own assets or caring for themselves and this creates the need for a guardianship. The primary obligation of the guardian is ensuring the health and well-being of the ward and for this the guardian is entitled to use the assets of the ward. All the costs associated with the medical care and nursing are to be paid from the assets of the ward. Proceedings are initiated after a petition is filed for guardianship. When the incapacity is determined by the court, a guardian is appointed to take care of the elderly and the property. Lawyers in West Palm Beach are experienced and involved in handling hundreds of guardianship matters that represent the elderly and their guardians. Guardianship litigation is a tedious and time-consuming matter that can be overwhelming for the involved family members. It may also need the revelation of personal issues and involves the use of a power of attorney and living wills.

The lawyers in West Palm Beach are expert at planning for incapacity and have extensive experience in preparing legal documents that avoid guardianship litigation issues. McDonald Law Firm has a well-experienced team of attorneys who have skilfully handled matters related to guardianship planning and jointly owned assets. Having more than 30 years of experience in the field of elder law, Marshall McDonald is well-versed with all the issues that emerge with court proceedings and knows all the options that are available to cope with the problems confronted by the elderly. Hiring the services of McDonald Law Firm can help in addressing the problems faced by the seniors. Find a viable solution with an open conversation with Marshall McDonald.

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McDonald Law Firm is based in Florida and specializes in handling legal problems confronting the elderly population and their families. Marshall McDonald is a certified, licensed, and experienced elder law attorney and has been helping Florida families for over decades now.

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