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Why Waste Management Companies Are Environmentally Friendly


Manassas, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2012 -- It has taken people a relatively long time to understand the benefits of living an environmentally friendly life. And, although much of the planet agrees that the Earth is more than just a place to build cities, we still have a long way to go before we begin to reverse the cycle of harm that has been levied against our tiny planet.

Surprisingly enough, however, it has been waste management companies like EnviroSolutions, Inc. – serving Virgina and Maryland – that have been leading the way in environmentally friendly efforts to reduce the damage to our planet. This is because EnviroSolutions Inc. (ESI) cares about the planet and the health of all living creatures. Look deep into their philosophy and you will find that their investment in green technologies is one part altruism and one part good, common business sense.

The altruistic reasons are many. With a vastly growing population, the need for better waste management technologies is on the rise. Product packaging and individual portions have increased the amount of waste headed for the landfill over the last several decades. Cheaper products and more disposable income create a larger demand for those products – many of which have a built-in obsolescence. Whereas decades before products were built to last, now products are built to be tossed aside, un-repairable and garbage-bound just a few short years after their creation.

Without proper technologies for reuse and recycling, these products, by the millions, would clog the landfills quickly. New territories and space would be needed to house all the garbage and debris, eating up urban and suburban landscape, displacing wildlife and creating ecological instabilities. The more space we need for garbage, the less we have to live.

The owners and workers of ESI and other waste management companies understand that how they treat the environment affects their families just as much as your family. They also understand that reducing the amount of waste that heads into the landfill saves them money in the long run.

Buying land to convert into a landfill costs money, as does buying new trucks to haul more and more waste. And paying people to drive those trucks and develop those landfills has a cost as well. The fact is that the more waste that gets moved into landfills, the higher the cost to waste management companies. Only by finding ways to divert trash from the landfill, utilizing cutting edge, green technologies under the motto of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” can waste management companies balance the growth of their business while maintaining the services their customers demand.

The world’s population is ever-growing and the demands we put on our waste disposal services grows along with it. However, in Virginia and Maryland, we have companies like EnviroSolutions Inc. researching and implementing new technologies and systems to ensure that we waste as little as possible. Recycling isn’t just a fashion or a sales point for businesses: It’s a commitment we have to the environment, our customers, our business and ourselves.

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