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Why Western Boots Are Wedding Worthy

Mercedes Boots Shares Why Wearing Custom Western Boots Can Make a Special Day Even Better


Ben Wheeler, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2016 -- Weddings are undeniably a special day - one that many plan for their whole lives until it comes. From the dresses to the tuxedos and the napkins to the stationary – so many details are articulately accounted for. With so many custom touches, it seems strange not to go the whole nine yards and wear some extra special footwear on that day as well. Mercedes Boots of Ben Wheeler, TX thinks this is a tradition every wedding should consider.

On a day set aside to recognize the coming together of two unique individuals, it isn't at all a stretch to say that what they wear from head down to their toes should reflect their personalities and tastes. After all, why are two people attracted to one another if not for those unique qualities and characteristics they see in the other?

Mercedes Boots has been creating gorgeous handmade custom western boots since 1975. They have an enormous portfolio of some of the most unique footwear around ranging greatly in toe shape, color, material, and more. Their beautiful designs and craftsmanship is second to none.

Both men and women will be delighted to see the variety of options available. Whether it's a special inscription that commemorates the day or simply a look that compliments the dresses and suits of the bride and groom, the looks are nearly limitless when it comes to Mercedes Boots' abilities.

"Though we know very well how to build more traditional and typical western boots, most of our collection is commission-based and truly 'outside the box' in nature," shared Mercedes Boots owner Debby Farr. "Conventional is nice, but when you really want to make a statement – we're the folks you want to come to. Our quality work will make your wedding day just that much more amazing."

With the arrival of June, folks are encouraged to visit Mercedes Boots in person to come see the incredible works of art for themselves or visit Mercedes Boots online to learn more about the process that goes into custom handmade boots. A myriad of wonderful, wild and adventurous examples can also be found on their Facebook page which are sure to catch the eyes of future brides and grooms to be!

About Mercedes Boots
Since 1975, Mercedes Boots has been specializing in crafting the finest custom Western leather boots money can buy. Located in Ben Wheeler Texas, all production occurs in-house and an uncompromising approach to designing and creating fashions results in a boot that is second to none. Each and every boot is a work of art unto itself and reflects the unique personality of each individual puts them on. Taking pride in the fact that they do not mass produce their products or ever sell to western stores, Mercedes Boots has nonetheless sold boots in every state as well as sixteen foreign countries making it a force to be reckoned with in the world of footwear!