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Whyology: Ground-Breaking Book by T.J. Jomha Cracks the Code of Understanding Human Behaviour

Laying out the most compelling theory of human behavior to date, ‘Whyology’ exposes why we do what we do. Providing a plain-English explanation of what makes humans tick, T.J. Jomha’s new book is set to help millions understand more about themselves, those around them and ultimately make life more fulfilling.


Edmonton, Alberta -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- T.J. Jomha, a renowned prodigy in the area of Behavioral Psychology, has a simple message; in order to overcome challenges and improve life we must first understand the powerful basics of human behavior. Following many years of diligent research, Jomha has broken new ground in humans’ understanding of themselves with his new book – ‘Whyology’.

Regarded by many as the best and most comprehensive theory of human behavior to date, the book offers a vital and easy-to-digest insight into the true mechanisms at play behind human behavior.


This book will change the way you look at people and the world forever. It will change the way you see the behavior of others and alter the way you behave toward them. It will shed light on actions and processes you didn’t really think about before, and you will see more deeply into everything around you, into the universal activity that is always humming away.

You will see yourself reflected in the behavior of others of all ages and across all walks of life, and you will begin to manipulate your actions so that your world is more in tune with your needs and your resounding self-interest. This book will help you to understand those around you and assist you in all dealings with others, whether for business or for pleasure.

“This book will ultimately help humans understand their own species and see themselves more transparently,” says Jomha, who achieved his academic success at the University of Alberta.

Continuing, “This book is different. It’s based on hard science and solid psychology. There’s no assumptions or loose ties; just a hard-hitting showcase of the purposive actions of people. In fact, I even equip readers with the ability to become a lay ‘scientist’ and draw their own conclusions about themselves and those around them.”

Science and Psychology aside, Jomha hopes the book will help people change for the better.

“There’s a purpose to what readers are learning. By understanding the inner workings of human behavior they will become empowered and able to afford great change in both their personal and professional lives. From managing relationships to achieving their full potential, an understanding of what makes us tick can spawn life-long positive change,” he adds.

With the book set to become a globally-popular text, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy as soon as possible.

‘Whyology’ is available now on amazon.com and on all e-readers

About the Author: T.J. Jomha is based in Edmonton, Alberta.