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Wickum Manor: Celtic Magic & an Old Manor House Provide Bold Inspiration for Children Struggling with Literacy, as Dyslexic Author Announces New Book

Masterfully crafted by Deirdre Silvestri, ‘Wickum Manor’ takes children onto one family’s boundless Irish estate and into a world that contains far more than just a manor house. This was a momentous project for the author, who struggles with severe Dyslexia and now hopes to use her new-found writing skills to change the lives of youngsters in a similar positon.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- While most authors use their first release to do nothing but test the literary waters, Deirdre Silvestri is quickly proving that a debut novel is also an opportunity to rival bestsellers. The upcoming release of ‘Wickum Manor’ has been highly anticipated, especially coming from an author who faces the daily battles associated with severe Dyslexia.

The novel, the first of the planned ‘Wickum Manor Collection’, will enthral all young readers with a tale of magic, exploration and inspiration to overcome their own adversity.


This book is full of magic, adventure for a young boy Finn, his twin sister Neave, and I can’t forget the little brother Jack. Ailish a single mother is raising the children alone in a home in Florida. The children lost their father at Christmas time. Their Mother decided to bring them to her family home in Ireland for the summer. At first the children don’t want to go but their mother persuaded them.

The children were born in Ireland but moved to the United States when they were very young, and they don’t remember much about Ireland. Their grandfather in Ireland has a magic, roaring Red sport’s convertible car with bright red leather seats. There are two live bats for a roof to the top of the car, and it has a high pitch sound coming out of it when their Grandda is near. The Grandda brings the boys and Neave to the city. They have a magical experience when he brings them to a coffee shop where the plates and cups fly all around.

Once they get to Ireland they find there is a lot to do on the 400 acres and the manor house is so big they get to explore it. They get to meet their ancestor’s ghosts and a bodyguard that is an Irish wolfhound. Finn gets to meet his dragon for the first time. There is a festival on the grounds that the whole city and surrounding cities come to enjoy. People come to meet the great Sir Finn. He finds out that people from all around were waiting for him to come back to Ireland for many years.

At the end of the summer, Finn gets to find out if he is going to go home, back to Florida or stay in Ireland for magic school.

“Wickum Manor provides countless adventures and mysteries for our young cast of leading characters; the home has been in the family for hundreds of years, but only now are they discovering its real story,” explains the author. “They had no idea of magic’s influence on their family and the world around them. I’m confident all children will embrace this!”

For Silvestri, this project has a very personal resonance.

“I’m severely dyslexic and have only learned to properly read during the past few years. I know that thousands of other children suffer in silence, just like I did,” she adds.

Continuing, “I hope that this book and my personal story will draw attention to those struggling with literacy and even inspire some to follow in my footsteps. Being a dyslexic author is something of an oxymoron, but I have boldly proven that adversity exists to be overcome!”

‘Wickum Manor’ is due for imminent release.

About Deirdre Silvestri
The author lives in Florida.