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Wickwire Warehouse Inc. Announces Distribution of Stainless Steel Wire to Manufacturers of Steel Wire Shelves


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2013 -- Wickwire Warehouse Inc. is pleased to announce the distribution of stainless steel wire materials to manufacturers of steel wire shelving products. Over the years, wire shelving has become a popular choice for many industries including retail, healthcare and aerospace engineering. Stainless steel wire racks and shelves can be used for storage and can even be used in the comfort of an individual’s own home. Wire shelving allows for more wine to be showcased in the cellar, allows people to hang up more articles of clothing in their closet, creates more space in places like the kitchen and laundry rooms and can be used in bathrooms as well. Because the use of stainless steel wire products have evolved so much over the years, many manufactures of wire shelving products are turning to Wickwire Warehouse Inc. for high-quality service and distribution.

Stainless steel wire and stainless steel wire mesh is used for commercial and industrial shelving systems because the strength of the material is unmatched compared to plastic, wood, and aluminum materials. One main benefit from manufacturing products out of stainless steel wire is that it is resistant to damage from oxidation and staining. Customers will never have to worry about time cleaning stainless steel shelves because they are easy to clean and don’t retain any odors. With the benefits of using stainless steel wire shelving, the material has become the optimum choice in storage rooms, kitchens, warehouses, and environmental properties.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. is the quality distributor for manufacturers of various stainless steel products including wire forms, brushes, baskets, luggage, conveyer belts, mats, fences, and much more. By providing high-quality stainless steel materials, WickWire Warehouse Inc. has maintained its reputation of excellence for many years. The company distributes products all over the east coast to customers coming from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and all across the nation as well.

About Wickwire Warehouse Inc.
Wickwire Warehouse Inc. has enjoyed a longtime reputation of providing quality service with its full line of wire products. Part of the longstanding reputation of excellence is due to a commitment to stock the materials customers need, and assisting them with technical expertise. For over 70 years, customers have enjoyed consistent quality, competitive pricing, and dedication to the wire supply industry. Meeting the most rigid standards, Wickwire is composed of skilled operators and experienced employees, which make for quick turnaround on product delivery.

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