Wickwire Warehouse Inc.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. Continuing to Take Clients in Need of Steel Strapping, Baling Wire and More This Fall


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2016 -- Wickwire Warehouse Inc. is pleased to announce that they are continuing to take new clients in need of baling wire, steel strapping and various other wire products this fall. This Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based company has been in business for over fifty years and can distribute their products to customers all over the United States.

As of today, Wickwire Warehouse Inc. has three main divisions: Wickwire, United Roll Form and Parade Strapping and Baling. Through their Parade Strapping and Baling division, the company offers some of the best steel strapping available today. This wiring is commonly used for bundling and reinforcing products while they are in shipment, and much more. Through United Roll Form, the company offers rolled metals created from steel and aluminum. To learn more about all of the products that Wickwire Warehouse Inc. offers through their United Roll Form and Parade Strapping and Baling, please visit their website.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc.'s stainless steel wire is ideal for industrial baking ovens, conveyor dryer ovens or other conveyor belts that need to operate at high temperatures. What's more, the company can sell and distribute their stainless steel wire as ropes, and also in a variety of diameters and lengths. Lastly, the company offers stainless steel wire mesh that is also available in different diameters and size openings and will prove ideal for fencing, caging or anything else that the customer needs.

Businesses or other organizations that choose Wickwire Warehouse Inc. will be pleased to know that their products are affordable and are manufactured to be of a consistent quality. Furthermore, every member of the company's team is passionate about the wire supply industry. They will go above and beyond to ensure all orders are completed on time, and also that products arrive at a customer's facility or property as soon as possible.

To learn more about the company, please visit them on the web at http://www.wickwirewarehouse.com.

About Wickwire Warehouse Inc.
Wickwire Warehouse Inc. has enjoyed a long-time reputation for providing quality service with its full line of wire products. Part of the longstanding reputation of excellence is due to their commitment to stock the materials customers need, and assisting them with technical expertise.

For over 70 years, customers have enjoyed consistent quality, competitive pricing, and dedication to the wire supply industry. Meeting the most rigid standards, Wickwire is composed of skilled operators and experienced employees, which make for quick turnaround on product delivery.

To learn more information, please visit http://www.wickwirewarehouse.com/.