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Wickwire Warehouse Inc. Now Offering Stainless Steel Wire for Conveyor Oven Manufacturers


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- Wickwire Warehouse Inc. is now offering stainless steel wire for use in conveyor ovens. The company’s stainless steel wire is made to withstand extreme heat, making it a perfect choice for the construction of appliances that operate at high temperatures, such as industrial conveyor baking ovens and conveyor dryer ovens. Businesses that manufacture conveyor dryer ovens for use in high-volume pre-heating, curing, bonding, drying, and heat treating will greatly benefit from Wickwire Warehouse’s products.

Industrial baking ovens are used in restaurants to make large quantities of food quickly. Conveyor belts made from stainless steel wire move food through ovens for even heat distribution. Wire mesh belts allow heat to hit every part of the food. These ovens come in gas and electric versions, with countertop sizes for small businesses and floor models with 55-70 inches of cooking space for larger businesses. Conveyor dryer ovens move items that need to be dried slowly. These devices are sometimes used in the food industry, but can also be used for screen-printed shirts, pottery, and other non-food items.

Stainless steel wire is available as both coil wire and cut to size. The minimum order for standard coil is $250, and the minimum for straightened and cut wire is $300.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc., one of the leading stainless steel wire suppliers in the nation, distributes various wire types including stainless steel, galvanized, and basic bright wire for manufacturers of conveyor belts, display racks, lamp shades, fences, and store fixtures. The company specializes in providing fast, efficient service while still meeting high industry standards.

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