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Wickwire Warehouse Offering the Latest in PARADE Strapping and Baling Wire


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2015 -- When it comes to strapping down and baling products together for shipping, it's important to use a durable, high-quality product that will not allow the product to shift in position or get damaged during the shipping process. Wickwire Warehouse, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based stainless steel wire supplier, is announcing that they offer the latest in high-quality, high-tensile PARADE strapping and baling wire, one of the most highly recognized and reliable manufacturers of this style of wire in the United States.

Stainless steel strapping is typically used to bolster shipments, allowing the user to reliably unitize and bundle their materials together for easier, safer handling without the risk of any jumbling or unwanted shifting. Standard stainless steel strapping from Parade is produced at a precise width and gauge specified by the client, with a painted, waxed finish. High tensile strapping is made from durable cold-rolled steel and is heat treated in order to enhance the product's overall strength and shock resistance. Wickwire Warehouse also provides economical polypropylene plastic strapping for clientele not needing stainless steel baling and strapping.

Parade strapping and baling wire from Wickwire Warehouse also comes with all of the proper tools to ensure that their clients are able to effectively utilize the product. These tools are designed for both steel and polypropylene strapping. This includes hand tools like individual tensioners, sealers, crimpers and wire cutters, designed to work with both regular-duty and high-tensile strapping. They also provide dispensers; carts intended to keep the strapping product portable and untangled. Black and galvanized wire single-loop baling wire and ties are also available for all interested clientele nationwide. They also provide shrink wrap, stretch film, packaging tape, corner and edge protectors and much more.

Individuals interested in strapping and baling products from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, stainless steel wire suppliers are urged to contact them immediately. Reach Wickwire Warehouse by phone toll-free nationwide at 800-419-6720 or locally at 215-693-6491. They can also be reached at sales@wickwirewarehouse.com or through the contact form on their website.

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