Wickwire Warehouse Inc.

Wickwire Warehouse Taking New Clients in Need of Steel Strapping and Other Wire Products This Fall


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2015 -- Wickwire Warehouse Inc., is a Philadelphia, PA-based organization serving as stainless steel wire suppliers for the entirety of Philadelphia, as well as many of the surrounding regions, and even for clientele from afar. They are currently announcing their availability to provide steel strapping and other wire products, including baling wire, wire racks, galvanized wire, fencing wire and much more, to new clients this fall.

Wickwire Warehouse features some of the highest quality wiring from Parade Strapping and Baling in order to provide steel strapping for a wide variety of clientele throughout the region. This wiring is used for bundling and reinforcing products while they are in shipment, and has a wide variety of features to accommodate the specific needs of their clientele. Aside from having some of the most reliable steel strapping available in the area, Wickwire Warehouse also provides all of the necessary tools and accessories so that their clients will be able to tackle any task with the product. For lighter loads, they have polypropylene strapping as well, so contact one of their representatives to figure out which option is the right one.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. is a trusted stainless steel wire supplier for an extensive line of products from United Roll Form as well. United Roll Form works with Wickwire Warehouse to help them provide custom shapes and sizes for the display industry. They manufacture a wide variety of roll forming products, including both aluminum and steel products. They provide stamping and forming with close tolerance wire products that feature open seam tubing as well as box, card, "U" and "J" channels. Their product line includes in-line pre and post-notching, stamping, forming, ticket moulding, box and card channel wiring, open seam tubing and U/J channel wiring. United Roll Form can also provide tractor trailer posts for clientele where needed.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. features quick quotes with competitive, cost efficient prices and fast turnaround rates. They have the highest quality of customer service. Interested individuals are urged to reach them by phone nationwide at 800-419-6720, by e-mail at sales@wickwirewarehouse.com or through the contact form available on their website.

About Wickwire Warehouse Inc.
Wickwire Warehouse Inc. has enjoyed a long-time reputation for providing quality service with its full line of wire products. Part of the longstanding reputation of excellence is due to their commitment to stock the materials customers need, and assisting them with technical expertise.

For over 70 years, customers have enjoyed consistent quality, competitive pricing, and dedication to the wire supply industry. Meeting the most rigid standards, Wickwire is composed of skilled operators and experienced employees, which make for quick turnaround on product delivery.

To learn more information, please visit http://www.wickwirewarehouse.com/.