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Widder Pipe Cutting Tools Ideal for Tough Refinery Turnaround Jobs


Hamden, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- Widder Tools by Connecticut manufacturer High Precision Inc. are rugged devices for extreme conditions. They have been engineered to work with minimal downtime in desert heat, artic cold and everything in between. Aside from the standard offerings, Widder Tools can be custom machined to your company's specifications, which include underwater pipe-cutting work and more.

Widder's electric and pneumatic pipe cutting tools are ideal for high-performance and deadline sensitive projects such as refinery turnarounds. An article on the Widder Tools website describes refinery turnaround - it's a critical maintenance process where some or all modules of an oil & gas processing facility are taken offline and checked for corrosion, fatigue and other safety issues. While the most critical goal of turnaround is to repair or replace components that may be worn out or obsolete, turnaround is also an opportunity to conduct upgrades to the refinery's capacity, install technology that improves catalyst regeneration, for example, or to conduct "debottlenecking" - identifying throughput bottlenecks and increasing their capacity in order to utilize the rest of the existing module to its fullest capacity.

Due to the fact that turnaround is legally required for safety reasons, and all production shuts down for the duration that the module is offline, turnaround downtime is extremely costly. Every additional day that the refinery remains inoperative represents hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in lost revenue in an industry that is already extremely competitive and has low margins. For this reason, minimizing turnaround downtime is the holy grail of oil and gas refining specialists, and one of the essential parts of the pursuit is using refinery turnaround tools that work reliably under adverse conditions and don't need to be serviced or repaired frequently.

Pipe cutting tools from Widder Tools are ideal for the task because they have been engineered and built in the USA to handle demanding workloads in harsh environments. Oil extraction and processing facilities exist in every corner of the Earth where there are hydrocarbons, which dot the planet without regard for climate and ease of access. An oil&gas facility on the Arabian Peninsula may have a harsh desert on one side and the ocean on the other, with resupply hours away - a hack saw that burns out or air hose that blows may stop important work for days. Buying top-quality tools from Widder is your best guarantee to minimize the frustration and revenue loss of unplanned work delays.

Widder Tools: cut pipe, not corners!

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