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Widder Tools Article Discusses Industrial Pipe Cutting at Oil and Gas Facilities

Widder Tools from HPI has published an article discussing pipes and pipe cutting at oil refineries and extraction facilities. Widder industrial power tools are well suited for these applications, due to their power, portability and low maintenance requirements.


Hamden, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- Widder Tools from High Precision Inc. are heavy-duty pneumatic and hydraulic industrial tools that have been built for reliable operation under any conditions. This makes them ideally suited for oil refineries, gas plants and petroleum extraction rigs, where power, performance, portability and low maintenance are all crucial requirements.

The Widder Tools website has just published an article on industrial pipe cutting. The article gives an overview of the types of pipe that are present at refineries and gas plants, and introduces some of the challenges of pipe maintenance in those environments.

Since refineries produce various petroleum products by subjecting crude oil to high temperatures and chemicals, and some of the byproducts of this process - such as sulfates - can bind to iron atoms and corrode metal pipes, refinery applications require special materials that can endure heat and resist corrosion. Corrosion can be caused by waste water, cracking byproducts, or crude oil itself - some types of crude contain significant quantities of naphthenic and other acids. (Acidic crude oil is usually cheaper, which makes it attractive for refining, and has led refinery operators to redouble their efforts to find effective anti-corrosion measures.)

Depending on the materials they contain, pipes can be made of stainless steel, hardened carbon steel, nickel-chromium alloys and other materials. There is also a number of corrosion protection coatings and sealants available on the market.

While carbon steel pipes are extremely hard and last for decades, they can be difficult to cut when the time comes to replace them. This task requires tools that can deliver precision and power in a small package, and the Widder pneumatic hacksaw is just such a tool. Different pipe materials require different blades and stroke frequencies, and the Widder saw blade speed can be adjusted to up to 300 strokes per minute on the fly, with a self-contained speed throttle.

Moreover, the saw can be used to cut pipes on site by attaching it to the pipe with one of our clamps and guides. Properly securing pipes while cutting them is crucial to keeping the cut straight and preventing blade breakage.

Widder pneumatic band saws and hacksaws can also cut pipe of up to 36" in diameter, which is performance that no angle grinder can deliver.

These are just some of the powerful and reliable tools that you can use in your refinery pipe cutting work. Click through to our website to read more about industrial pipe cutting, and to see the difference Widder Tools can make during your refinery maintenance and turnaround.

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