Kylle Ayer Introduces Article on Air Powered Tools presents article on air power tools that deliver reliable service, impressive power and low maintenance requirements in heavy duty applications.


Hamden, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Widder Tools from Connecticut manufacturer High Precision Inc. is a line of industrial air power tools that deliver reliable service, impressive power and low maintenance requirements in heavy duty applications.

The Widder Tools website features not only a list of products, but also a number of articles that aim to explain how air power tools work and how they compare to other types of power tools, such as electric drive tools.

For instance, the page linked in the first paragraph talks about the benefits of air power tools for the energy production sector, and lists some of the Widder tools that can be used in demanding environments such as refineries and oil rigs.

The page explains how pneumatic tools work, and how they are preferable to electric tools - fewer moving parts means less maintenance, no electric cords means less chance of a short circuit, and an external compressor as opposed to a built in electric motor means vastly more power per lb of weight.

Some of the tools discussed on the page include the Widder air powered hacksaw - this saw is ideal for cutting PVC and metal pipes of up to 30 inches in diameter on site. It can be attached to the pipe using a Widder pipe clamp, set up and left to do its work with minimal supervision. A blade guide will secure the saw blade and guarantee a clean cut that couldn't be attained by using a hand-held cutting device. With its adjustable speed settings and wide selection of blades, this portable hacksaw can cut even the hardest carbon steel pipes - an invaluable application for facilities like petroleum refineries that use extremely hard corrosion-resistant piping.

For a quicker cut, the Widder hand-held pneumatic bandsaw will chew through any material up to 4.5" in diameter in a matter of minutes. Again, this is a great solution for on-site cutting, since the saw delivers nearly the power of a floor bandsaw in a portable package that weighs only a few pounds.

Other powerful solutions include a heavy demolition saw, blow guns for cleanup and a pneumatic air moving fan for extreme ventilation.

If you need high performance pneumatic cutting and blowing tools for a heavy duty industrial application, we invite you to browse our website and see how Widder Tools can make your job safer, easier and faster.

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