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Wide Range of Reliable Payment Solutions Now Available to Users


Scranton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2016 -- Card Services USA – Estrickland has unveiled exciting Payment Solutions that small companies, retailers, ecommerce websites and other establishments can benefit from to a large extent.

It's not uncommon to see many traditional companies taking their Business online. It offers them access to a much wider user base and an opportunity to see practically everything under the Sun. In fact as many have realized today, there is a market for all kinds of products and services online. Thus it has evened the playing field for small companies that can now keep up with the big fish in the market.

However for that to happen, they need access to reliable and convenient Merchant Services that will make things easier for their consumers. Credit card processing for example not only boosts the credibility of companies but can go a long way in enhancing sales as well. But setting up these solutions can be a task for companies from the word go. And that's where the services offered to them by Card Services USA – Estrickland come into the picture.

While Business owners understand the importance of setting up solutions like credit card processing, there's not a lot they can do make sure they are completely secure for their customers. Now they can rely on the options brought to them by Card Services USA – Estrickland because they are compliant with PCI DSS standards. Retailers will also be pleased to find that the company has low processing fees for its services, which saves them good amounts too.

Ecommerce websites on the other hand can set up gateways and ensure that they are accepting different types of electronics payments. They can simplify the checkout process by integrating shopping carts and making the transactions secure and lightning fast. The company takes care of all the responsibilities, right from setting its clients up with the banks, getting state of the art terminals to ensuring that the payments are processed at the earliest.

Card Services USA – Estrickland also offers its clients solid customer support 24x7. Thus they can get much needed peace of mind knowing they have reliable services at their fingertips.

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It is a professional company that offers a whole range of services that make perfect sense for e-marketing websites, retailers and small companies alike.

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