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Wide Spectrum of Applications Offered by Hops Essential Oil Increasing Its Usage in the Alcoholic Beverage Market, Besides Others


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2019 -- Market Outlook for Hops Essential Oil

Hops are the cones (female flower) of a climbing plant called Humulus lupulus, which is commonly grown in the European region. The oil extracted from these hops is called hops essential oil. Steam distillation is the common method of extraction for hops essential oil. Aromatically, hops essential oil is sweet and fresh with a bit of sharpness and bitterness. Hops essential oil is used for fragrance and therapeutic blending when diluted in low concentration with other oils. Hops essential oil is also known to cause sedative effects on humans. This makes hops essential oil applicable in relieving stress, anxiety, and insomnia in humans. The application of hops essential oil also includes its uses in natural deodorants, fragrances, and perfumes.

Wide Spectrum of Applications Offered by Hops Essential Oil Increasing its Usage in the Alcoholic Beverage Market, Besides Others

Hops essential oil has major application in beer production. Flavour is imparted to the beer by hops essential oil either by late-hopping or dry-hopping. For instance, ale is produced by the dry-hopping method. Beer gains an exclusive hop aroma after the addition of hops essential oil into it, and consumers tend to prefer aromatic beer as compared to natural beer. As a result, hops essential oil is gaining popularity among beer producers for hoppy flavour intensification and product differentiation. This aroma and flavour imparted by hops essential oil is driving consumer acceptance. Hops essential oil flavoured beers are also trending among consumers who are incorporating them into their bedtime routines, since the hops essential oil used to flavour such beers helps them overcome restlessness and the inability to sleep. Also, some people are using this benefit offered by hops essential oil by sprinkling one or two drops of hops essential oil on the pillow to relax and sleep well.

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Hops Essential Oil: Segmentation:

On the basis of end-use application-

Flavour and Fragrance

On the basis of packing-

Amber Glass Bottles
Aluminium Bottles

On the basis of nature of production-


On the basis of sales channel

Direct Sales
Indirect Sales
Specialty Stores
Drug Stores
Online Retailers

Hops Essential Oil Market: Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the global hops essential oil market identified are Glacier Hops Ranc, Green Acre Farms, Aliksir, Mountain Rose Herbs, Hopsteiner, Hermitage Oils, Denie Brown, and others.

Hops Essential Oil Market: Key Developments

In the year 2017, it was announced that, steam-distilled 'Hopzoil', a leading brand of hops essential oil from the company Glacier Hops Ranch, would be marketed and distributed globally. This was supported by the collaboration between two major steam-distilled essential oil and fresh hop producers Glacier Hops Ranch, Inc. and Green Acre Farms, Inc. for commercial users and breweries.

There has been growing demand for hops essential oil in the aroma market in the US since the year 2016. This growth has been aided by the expanding craft beer market where hops essential oil is used for imparting aroma and flavour.

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Opportunities for Hops Essential Oil Market Participants

The hops essential market shows great potential of growing if the technology in hops processing improves. The extraction of essential oil from hops involves a lot of intermediate steps that add on to the cost for manufacturers. This factor is driving hops essential oil manufacturers away from the market. Hence, research on developing low-cost processes for producing hops essential oil can offer a great opportunity for the market to grow. The introduction of new and flavourful craft beer can be another opportunity for the hops essential market to expand, because flavoured and aromatic craft beer is one of the major applications where hops essential oil is used. Also, the market can further increase if awareness about the therapeutic uses hops essential oil for anxiety and insomnia spreads around the world. Hops essential oil can also be prescribed in appropriate dosages to people suffering from restlessness and sleeplessness. The organic production of hops can also act as a potential opportunity for growth in the organic and natural flavour industry.