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Wieman Land & Auction Co. Continues Legacy of Growth Through Honesty, Integrity and Family


Marion, SD -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2012 -- Few businesses survive let alone grow over 60 years without doing things the right way. For Wieman Land & Auction Co. of South Dakota, the key to reaching that milestone has been treating clients and customers like family. Today, the family-owned farm auction company handles real estate, property, home and machinery auctions and appraisal services throughout the Midwest.

As a third generation family business, the legacy of integrity, honesty and respect has helped Wieman Land & Auction Co. become one of the Midwest’s most respected names in auctioneering and appraisals. When company founder Earl Wieman decided in 1949 to branch out from farming into the auction business, he knew that the same traits that defined his family would serve him well in his new endeavor. Wieman soon developed a reputation as a South Dakota auctions specialist handling the auction sale of farms and equipment.

“While farming is a business, it also defines families,” said Gary Wieman. “Whether it is due to retirement, an owner’s passing or a consolidation move for growth or new investment, my father handled the auction of farms and equipment as if it were his own and treated each client like family.”

As the sons of company founder Earl Wieman, Gary and Rich grew up in the farming business and the auction business with their father’s example of integrity, honesty and respect as the model for leading their lives and the business. They soon were joined by their wives Carol and Louise in the family business. Together, they grew their coverage area to auctions in Iowa and branched into many more areas such as machinery consignment auctions, private machinery sales, real estate sales, and real estate and personal property appraisals.

“Today, I work with Gary in handling and conducting all of the real estate and personal property auctions, and while the advent of the web and communication technology makes us more efficient, we still do all of our business personally and treat each client and customer like family,” said Rich Wieman.

Gary's two sons, Kevin and Mike, and Rich's sons, Ryan and Derek, have also entered into the business. While Kevin and Ryan work in the office handling most of the Real Estate transactions, Mike is the shop foreman at the auction building and Derek works at the auction lot and assists in the auction and real estate business. The company continues to grow in both reach and scope as they now handle many auctions in Minnesota, and Marlo Wieman (Gary and Rich’s cousin) has merged his Implement business with Wieman Auction to form Wieman Machinery Auction as an affiliate of Wieman Land & Auction Co., Inc.

“Our father taught us that the same traits that can keep a family together and growing can keep a business together and growing, so we see honesty, integrity and respect not as business traits, but as a core part of who we are,” said Gary Wieman. For more information, please visit http://wiemanauction.com/

About Wieman Land & Auction Co.
Since 1949, the family-owned company has handled real estate, property, farm, home and machinery auctions and appraisal services throughout the Midwest. Whether it is buying or selling your home, farm, business, farm equipment, or other personal property, the auction and appraisal specialist are ready to make that process a little bit easier. No Auction or appraisal is too big or small.