Wifi Controlled Outlet for Home Automation App for Smartphones and Tablets


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- Technological advancements in electronics have resulted in rapid development in consumer ease of usage. Belkin Wemo switch is just another example of that. With the help of this device, appliance users can control their electronics from anywhere in range of their home’s wifi. With that said the users can turn their appliances off, on or increase of decrease their intensities from one room with the appliance present in another.

Nowadays pretty much everyone has a smart phone run by apple technology, if not everyone then almost everyone has at least one smart phone at home. That is all equipment that is needed for this device to work its magic. Furthermore, the normal wifi router installed at home does just fine for the purpose. There is no specific requirement of wavelength or bandwidth from the router in case for this device to work.

This home automation switch works best for lamps and space heaters. Than to leave a room heater on sleep timer, better is to use a smart home switch that enables the user to turn off or power down the heater from another part of the house. The great thing about this Wemo is that the user can install as many or as little number of motion sensors as to control the appliances in the entire house. Installing more number of motion sensors gives more control to the user of the entire house whereas otherwise for lesser number of motion sensors.

The smart phone used for the purpose has to be of version 5 or higher of iOS. An application gives an easy and entire control of all the connected appliances. The smart phone can use both wifi and mobile data internet. With that said, the user can control the appliances from home as well as from away.

With this home automation outlet there is not a limit of home appliances that can be connected and controlled. The procedure is simple, download the free Wemo app on the smart phone and plug the device in any outlet at home. The next step is to plug in the desired appliances in the device. The user can plug in as many such devices in as many outlets of the house as they want. Also, the app allows the user to set timing for turning on or off of any appliance. The device and app are compatible only with iOS version 5 and higher and android version 4 and higher.

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