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Blog Now Offers Useful Information on ALR Hearings


Georgetown, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2013 -- Wilco Criminal Lawyer, the website of prominent Georgetown, Texas lawyer John C. Prezas, has announced an update to its blog regarding information on how to request an ALR hearing. The Williamson County blog regularly offers a glimpse at the expertise of the Law Office of John C. Prezas.

For those who’ve been arrested for a DWI (i.e. driving while intoxicated), a wise next move is to request an ALR hearing. ALR stands for Administrative License Revocation, and it is a hearing that determines whether or not an individual’s driver’s license will be revoked. This is a chance for the accused to contest the charges and try to get their driving privileges reinstated. If requested within 15 days of the arrest, the ALR hearing allows an individual to have their side of their story heard. The blog post on Wilco Criminal Lawyer provides important information about getting an ALR hearing and a DWI defense attorney to argue for them.

In addition to information on requesting an ALR hearing, the Wilco Criminal Lawyer blog covers a wide range of other criminal legal matters. For those who have been charged with a Williamson County DWI, there is no better recourse than consulting with John C. Prezas. When it comes to DUI defense lawyers, it’s important to go with the most experienced, most committed, and most effective.

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