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Wild Knowing: Genre-Bending Novel Hailed "Extraordinary Odyssey," Explores What It Truly Means to Be Human

'Wild Knowing’ ventures to the edge of the cosmos in order to reveal the limitlessness of human consciousness. An award-winning work of visionary fiction, Wild Knowing is an electrifying blend of mystery novel, love story, and tale of spiritual awakening -- all of this taking place in a culturally rich and exotic distant world. Anya Luz Lobos is a gifted storyteller whose writing is as inspired as it is accessible. Never laboring a point, Lobos takes us on a multi-dimensional journey, building suspense layer upon layer, gradually evoking an almost visceral sense of high er states of consciousness.


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- While many authors lock their doors and agonize, trying to come up with an idea for their next book, some of literature’s greatest releases have channeled themselves through their authors. Tucson author Any a Luz Lobos describes the unique beginnings of 'Wild Knowing.' "It's like this novel came through me, rather than from me," she explains. "I was sitting in my room, enjoying an especially peaceful meditation session, when the idea just came to me in a flash. I found the inspiration so overwhelming that, for months, I couldn't even bring myself to start writing." She goes on to describe how it took her over ten years to complete 'Wild Knowing.' "I just had to keep revising it, as well as discussing it with several literature professors and other people who's ideas I respected...until I was convinced that I'd done the original inspiration justice." A deep meditation, and the resulting book, are now making an impact on the world. "Because of how this novel first came to me, I can't help but see it as a gift from nature. We're at a pivotal point in world history when confusion and lack of self -awareness are endangering our planet's future. I hope my novel inspires readers to expand their awareness and, in so doing, contribute to positive evolutionary change. Wild Knowing is so much more than a tale of love, it's a thought-provoking journey into why we love and who we really are."


Wild Knowing takes us to a distant world, then pulls away our internal moorings, leaving us to question our most basic assumptions. Pairing a man from Earth with a highly perceptive and beautiful alien woman, what soon unfolds is a moving and deeply passionate love story, one that can be as unsettling as it is inspiring. Delving into the inner realms of archetype, fear, and primal desire, 'Wild Knowing' follows one man's unique journey to enlightenment. Ingeniously conceived, this novel has a heart-stopping plot that brings wisdom through darkness as well as light.

"'Wild Knowing' is like a healing balm. It is an extraordinary odyssey told with the sensitive passion of a woman's wisdom. Beautifully written, with eloquent assurance, the author weaves a story that invites us to explore the very real world of intuitive love." -- Rodney Charles, author of 'Every Day a Miracle Happens'

"What the protagonist learns about love from this absorbing experience would benefit us all." -- John Daniel, author of 'The Poet's Funeral'

“Wild Knowing is a higher love story with an impeccable sense of ethics - an interplanetary page turner with large ideas, written in the voice of the Wise Woman. This is a novel written in the voice of the soul. Reading this fine book put me in an altered state of consciousness,” says bestselling author, Diane Frank.

Soni Cido adds, “Wild Knowing offers heart-tugging romance, the anticipation of mystery in a science fiction world seemingly far from our own -- but not that far at all. The characters are endearing, the setting lights up your inner cinematography, and the story leaves you wishing that you could join them. Now I can brag to my friends that I have read science fiction and lure them with a synopsis of romance, mystery, and 'wild knowing' --that only Anya

Luz Lobos brings to life.”

"It may be true that men are from Mars and women are from Venus -- but after reading 'Wild Knowing' -- they will both wish they were from the planet Daria." -- James N. Powell, author of 'The Tao of Symbols"

‘Wild Knowing’, published by 1st World Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/RwXhxM.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://anyaluzlobos.com.

About Anya Luz Lobos
Anya Luz Lobos is the author of the novels Wild Knowing and Seaspring. Raised in both Nicaragua and the United States, she is a performance artist who combines dramatic interpretation of literature with expressive sign language.