Wild Posting Report 266% Year on Year Increase in Revenue for 2017

January 3rd 2017, Culver City, CA based Wild Posting has completed its end of year financial reporting, and has seen revenue increase by 266% over its 2016 figures, proving outdoor visual advertising is experiencing a renaissance.


Culver City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2018 -- Wild Posting has reported their end of year figures, and has confirmed record breaking growth throughout 2017, with a 266% increase in their revenue compared to 2016. The company, which offers guerrilla visual and print marketing, has diversified their strategies to create anticipation around product launches and events in classic ways, using vintage throwback advertising with a modern twist. Their results have been so successful; they have been taking on more high-profile clients than ever.

This form of canvassing has been around since the days of the old west, and is still entirely legal to this day. The company can offer wild posting services in urban environments to maximize the passing traffic that will encounter the visual advertising. This service can be used in conjunction with more conventional billboards or more innovative methods, such as wall painting, digital projection, and audio projection.

The company has succeeded in growing significantly over the past year through their commitment to shaking off convention, and looking back to move forward. Many of the techniques they use have been around for centuries, but have fallen out of favour due to increased use of marketing budgets for digital outreach. This shift means that in fact, guerrilla advertising methods like these now attract more attention than ever, as competition is disappearing.

A spokesperson for Wild Posting explained, "Wild Posting is the art of getting the message out there where people will see it as part of their daily lives. This method of advertising was commonly used by people in the underground music scene, and the edginess and vibrancy of this culture means guerrilla advertising has retained its compelling feel. Our methods are fully legal, highly innovative, and make the best use of the latest approaches to marketing. We can target demographics and populations with a similar degree of accuracy to digital advertising, by choosing the neighborhoods and spots to canvas. Our success this year has demonstrated that, and we hope to grow exponentially in the year ahead, helping more clients get their message out in the real world."

About Wild Posting
Wild Posting offers guerrilla visual marketing for the 21st century. This style of marketing was first used for underground concerts, and is now being used for successful businesses and major brands. The company offers billboards, 8 sheets, bus benches, mobile billboards, on screen advertising and guerrilla methodologies.

For more information, please visit: https://wildposting.com.

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