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Wildash London Produces Various Interior Decoration and Personal Use Goods

Wildash is a manufacturer and seller of various types of throws, rugs and towels. It is based in London but also caters to foreign market via its online shop.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2014 -- There is a vast difference between essential and luxury goods. While essential goods are needed and used by all, luxury items are all about exclusivity and personal taste, which Wildash London completely understands. Wildash London represents sheer luxury through its products. It is a renowned manufacturer of different fur bed throws, various towels and a range of rugs. It focuses on bringing the best of shearlings from high-end fashion industry to the homes of its customers. Its commitment towards exclusivity never disappoints customers with respect to the product they purchase. Wildash extensively emphasises on provenance and that is why it uses only ethically sourced natural material.

Wildash London has products that tell a story of their own. That is because they are meant for luxury use unlike those regular use items. They are made of finest materials that are chosen after keen inspection for their quality and their potential to transform into a desirable piece. The sheepskin rug is an example of what is the standard of finesse, finish and quality at Wildash London. They are made of original hide which goes through thorough processing to transform into a comfortable item that can be proudly laid on the floor by customers. Varieties are available so that different customers can choose according their preference towards cost, quality, etc.

Whether it is a fur throw or a travel towel, luxury quality is guaranteed on every product. There is a definite reason behind the bespoke nature of all products of Wildash London. All the products are made by co-operatives and artisans who are selected from all over the world for their exclusive talent and skill. For instance, merino wool, cashmere and hand-loomed silk are made by Himalayan women. In this way, the elite get the exclusively handcraft for their homes while the group of women who run the business on their strength, talent and skill get the due return, which provides economical support their community.

Wildash uses finest Turkish linen, silk and cotton and bamboo for the production of hand-loomed regular and beach towels. Salvaged wood from beaches and construction sites is used for the loom. It serves a very significant purpose – eco-friendliness and uniqueness. Similarly, silverware is created by dedicated silversmiths in London. The infusion of high-end fashion and human handcraft is what makes products of Wildash unique in comparison to items of most other manufacturers. The online shop of the company makes purchase of its luxury interiors and accessories possible for prospective customers in foreign countries too.

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Wildash is a manufacturer and seller of luxury accessories for home interiors and personal use. The company specialises in channelling fine hand-made throws, rugs, towels and silverware from exclusive and dedicated makers into the British and international market.

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