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Wildlife Removal Experts Warn of Bird Infestations


King George, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2019 -- Bird infestations in Northern Virginia can put homeowners at risk of histoplasmosis and other diseases. Virginia's Department of Game & Inland Fisheries reports that the geography and climate in North Virginia support a vast diversity of birds. The experts at BEDR Wildlife Removal Services warn that birds are a vital part of the ecosystem, and they provide an alternative to killing birds that have become a nuisance and potential health threat.

"Birds fall into a different category than most pests. Chemicals and traps are not a viable option for bird control because they are an important part of the environment . . . In order to get rid of them humanely — and successfully — it is important to turn to professionals," according to BEDR's website.

The Occupational Health and Safety government site warns that birds aren't just a nuisance for their unappealing droppings; they carry up to 60 diseases that can be contracted by people, sometimes resulting in death.

One of these diseases is a fungal infection called histoplasmosis. According to the Centers for Disease Control, this fungus is particularly concentrated in areas with a lot of bird or bat droppings. When people breath in microscopic spores containing histoplasmosis, they may experience a cough, fever and fatigue. Fortunately, most people get better without treatment, although the infection might become severe.

Other common illnesses associated with a bird infestation include:

- Psittacosis: Infection derived from inhaling airborne particles

- Salmonellosis: Infection occurs from eating or drinking contaminated food and water

- Avian Flu: Caused by the influenza A strain of the influenza virus

- West Nile Virus: Mosquitoes spread the disease after transmitting it from infected birds

Residents with a bird infestation who need help with the humane removal of this precious wildlife should call BEDR Wildlife Removal Services at 703-662-8762. They can remove nests and discourage birds from roosting in your home or business building in the most humane way possible.

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