Will Gangnam Style Pop Art Stimulate Children's Reading

The Brave Unicorn: Failure Is Not the End, But the Beginning


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- The Brave Unicorn is the first book that incorporates Gangnam Style in a children’s book. Wong (34) incorporated what he calls pop culture into his pop art illustrations in the stories for children. From the book cover alone, The Brave Unicorn features a unicorn dressed in the Gangnam Style suit holding a lightsaber bow from Star Wars while a gigantic gummy bear tent sits in the background.

Trot’s love interest Faith can be seen wearing Victoria Secret angel wings while Trot is dressed in a bright yellow banana suit from “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”. You will find Trot swimming in the ocean next to popular YouTube video Dramatic Spy Chipmunk while wearing a little mermaid suit.”

Wong said, “Parents love our book because the pop culture illustrations attract their kids to read stories for children. I deliver edutainment, combining education and entertainment.” The Brave Unicorn is relevant since kids need to deal with failure on a constant basis from bullies to failing in academic or relationships. Stories for children now made fun with illustrations and children rhymes.

Failures shouldn’t be fatal. And, they shouldn’t be final. But, for Rayfil Wong’s family, they sadly were. “My cousin committed suicide. He looked at failure as the end. My cousin was gone. It was so painful, so I needed to write a stories for children to inspire them that failure is not the ending, but the beginning.”

Great characters, great story, great read, great fun! – Matt Fleming, managing editor and books editor-Time Out Hong Kong. The Brave Unicorn will be released on Amazon, iphone, ipad, and other major platforms early December 2012.

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