Will Gluten-Free Products Get the "Grammy Effect"


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 -- The “Grammy Effect” helps drive sales to those winners up to 207%, reports Billboard.  There is no doubt awards help drive sales to those winners.  People see it time and time again; the best products and artists get a huge boost in sales and media coverage.  This year’s Gluten-Free Awards will be no different.  With the new partnership with The Gluten-Free Buyers Guide, consumers will now get exposure to the best gluten-free products.  All nominees and winners will be published in the guide to help distributors and consumers make better purchasing decisions.  The Gluten-Free Awards will be launching a new marketing campaign geared to those with Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance.  The “they got; we got” campaign will highlight other industry awards while comparing it the Gluten-Free Awards in a humoristic way.  “The goal is to bring brand awareness to the Gluten-Free Awards while establishing social triggers when other awards programs are being promoted.  When somebody sees an ad for the Grammys or Oscars, I want them to remember the Gluten-Free Awards”, Josh Schieffer; Co-Founder of The Gluten-Free Awards.  “The gluten-free population often times feels alienated because of our necessary lifestyle choices.  The awards program is a way to bring everybody together and create a sense of community we seldom get elsewhere.”

Local Gluten-Free Award voting has started for over 50 major US and Canadian cities. The local awards highlight the best gluten-free bakeries, stores, bars, restaurants, and support groups in those densely populated areas.  You can select your favorite cities to cast your votes now. Click here to start: LOCAL GLUTEN-FREE AWARD VOTING.

The Official Gluten-Free Awards voting for best gluten-free beer, cosmetics, bread, cereal and other products will start in October of 2013.  Product submissions need to be made by September 12, 2013.  This is the fourth consecutive year the awards have been hosted by the gluten-free website  The program now has forty award categories with plans to grow even further for the fifth anniversary.  For product submission information please visit. Click here to: SUBMIT GLUTEN-FREE PRODUCTS FOR AWARDS.

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