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Will Justin Bieber's Rival Instagram - Mohr Publicity Weighs In

Justin Bieber invested in the new teen-targeted social media platform where members post artistic photos of themselves and share the “selfies” with other members.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- A new teen-oriented social networking site called “Shots Of Me” launched into the cyber stratosphere last month. Its lead investor? One of the world's most famous teenagers, Justin Bieber, backed the project.

“Justin Bieber has tweeted about his love of RockLive games and this is his time to get involved with the business side of a product and brand he believes in,” said developers of the site. Fortune magazine reported that Bieber led a $1.1 million seed round for the company, whose other investors include boxer Floyd Mayweather and angel investor Tom McInerney.

Justin has no shortage of “Beliebers” in his role as venture capitalist. Long established public relations companies like Mohr Publicity , known for helping jump start social media sites virtually overnight, expect the star’s networking platform to take off immediately.

Bieber already has an explosive teenage social media following. He has more than 46 million Twitter followers and his first Instagram picture reportedly crashed the site’s servers.

Justin Bieber himself “liked” the Mohr Publicity Instagram page so it will be interesting to see if he continues to communicate via Instagram now that his own is a direct competitor.

Mohr Publicity has a lot of experience driving traffic to Instagram to add followers to their client’s sites. They’ve been referred to as the “Famous Machine” of social marketing for making sites look like overnight successes.

Sandra Mohr, President of the firm, shared some of their secrets for success, saying: “The main way we promote a site is to reward people for following, liking, commenting or sharing your company link. The idea is that adding traffic to your sites will help them rank better online and attract future organic traffic. All of our services are meant to "jump start" a site, or career or video. Similar to the way a nightclub looks more appealing when there is a line of people waiting to get in the door (compared to an empty bar) we help the sites look more appealing to search engines and visitors.” This kind of promotion, in their opinion, gives the site the best chance for rapid growth, and record companies, product launches, book promotions and other marketing campaigns include this type of service to get things moving. “We work with very well known (confidential) clients and nearly all our business comes from repeat buyers.”

Mohr Publicity’s YouTube videos have millions of views, tens of thousands of loyal followers on Twitter. A visit to shows that some very big names follow the company. YouTube Sensation Jenna Marbles (who has over 11 million YouTube subscribers and 3 million Twitter fans) is a follower, and Justin Bieber himself "Liked" their Instagram photo which brought the PR site a rush of traffic.

So, who do they think will win the photo sharing cyber race? “The one with the best PR team,” says Mohr Publicity. Visit their website to learn more about services at .

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