Will Knight and Derek Hicks Seek Kickstarter Funding to Open 'DWill's Grill & Lounge'

DWill’s is a fresh idea that will bring people from all around together.


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- At its core, DWill’s Grill & Lounge is a fresh idea that will bring the community closer. Their concept, however, goes beyond that. DWill’s Grill & Lounge exceeds in every way to please the Raleigh-Durham community as a whole. To complete the concept, DWill’s Grill & Lounge will strive to meet their customers’ desire for a quality meal and drinks by providing excellence in every aspect of business, but most importantly through customer service. DWill’s Grill & Lounge understands that their customers’ priorities are to eat and drink well, concentrate on their health and at the same time demonstrate a sense of enjoyment.

DWill’s Grill & Lounge, intends to cater to a wide customer base in the heart of the Research Triangle Park area. They want everyone to feel welcome and entertained. They have already defined their primary market to be Research Triangle Park/Raleigh Durham area and are aiming to attract business professionals ranging from ages 23 and older . Their target market consist of people that have a desire for good music, food and drinks in addition to a fascinating atmosphere and are seeking different, trendy, and comfortable lounge options not offered in surrounding areas.

DWill’s Grill & Lounge focuses on providing high quality, portion sized dishes, prepared to order, in addition to sizzling Martinis and specialty drinks. DWill’s Grill & Lounge will serve the highest grade meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. Their dishes are prepared by culinary chefs and each dish will leave the kitchen with professional preparation and inspected for the best presentation. 

Contributions received from backers will be spent for
- First rate lighting and sound for all the lounge 
- Moveable risers define the space for special events
- Additional kitchen equipment 
- Furniture and fixtures for the lounge area

This project will only be funded if at least$33,000 is pledged by Saturday Feb 8, 1:29pm EST.

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