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Will Microsoft's Next Acquisition After Nokia Be "Rummage"?


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia has many in the industry wondering what the future holds for both brands.

Coined “Nokiasoft” by some, former Nokia chief, Stephen Elop, has suggested that neither “Microsoft Mobile” nor Nokia will be the long-term brand names that consumers can expect to hear.

The emergence of smartphones as a device that millions of people worldwide utilise daily has made information accessible with just a few clicks of the finger. However, with all the data, documents and media files, it sometimes becomes a struggle just to keep this information organised.

Computer ConQuest, a UK-based software company, recently released Rummage. This program is an intuitive software tool designed to help cut out some of the clutter created by the influx of information that people often wade through as they balance thousands of files and folders on various drives on their device.

A user can search within Rummage by typing in relevant keywords, phrases or the origin of the file they’re looking for, and the system will automatically retrieve the relevant documents in seconds. Can’t quite remember the name of that file you received six months ago from a LinkedIn contact, or which sub-folder you saved it in? The tool allows users to search by adding various tags in order to make the process even more natural and refined, such as – “six months ago,” “LinkedIn,” “recipe,” “crab cakes” – with all related documents appearing on screen.

This process is made simpler because not only will Rummage coordinate documents between all folders and drives on a user’s device in one user-friendly interface, it automatically adds tags to each file based on its content and “learns” the habits of the user.

The aim is to make navigation through thousands of files and folders streamlined using a more natural interface, with technology that learns from the user the more it is put into action.

With “tech” acquisitions being much talked about in the news recently – take for example, Facebook’s recent purchase of WhatsApp – many have questioned whether Rummage will be the next platform that big names like Microsoft will set their sights upon.

Hugh Buxton, CEO of Computer ConQuest, commented, “It’s an exciting time in the industry right now. There’s so much potential out there, and people have access to information and data that even ten years ago seemed unlikely. Our newest platform offers users so much value; with Rummage it has never been easier to organise and utilise data.”

To download and use Rummage for free, visit – the Company are seeking early adopters to suggest features and functionality for the next version.

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Rummage's parent company, Computer ConQuest, is located at Shangton Holt Farm, Gartree Road, Shangton, Leicestershire, LE8 0QX and can be contacted by calling +44 (0) 845 373 3595. For more information visit

Information About the Business & Team:

Please watch this video, which explains how the software works:

With its clean interface, our platform is uniquely set up to give you access to your files. Imagine having all the information you need for any conversation waiting on your desk. That's what this intuitive program does for you. Instead of having a folder structure, which computers like, Rummage helps you organise your files the way you actually think about them.

The software uses retrospective tagging, meaning new tags are automatically added to all existing files in the index database – Rummage automates most of its operations and aims to make the user experience as easy as possible, without the need for constant manual updates to be performed.

The best part is that Rummage doesn't force someone else's idea of organisation on you. Everyone is different, and the program learns from you to help you keep things organised in a way that makes sense for you. Straight out of the box, this responsive software begins to learn from the way you use your documents to help you retrieve them.

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About Computer ConQuest
Computer ConQuest was founded in 2004 as a software development and consultancy company. The company has experience providing solutions and bespoke software for a variety of sectors, including banking, engineering and retail.

Over the years, Computer ConQuest has also developed software tools for in-house and SMB use. The company has recently researched, designed and developed the Rummage software.

With confidence in the team’s technical and development expertise, the Founders took a decision in 2013 to self-fund the Rummage project in order to get it to an ‘alpha’ stage to launch to market. Early adopters are asked to review the software and provide and suggestions and feedback; further versions of the software are currently being worked on to help add features and functionality suggested by users.

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