Will Shannon from the Australian Pinnacle Health Clinic Announces New Treatments for Chronic Conditions

Natural health treatments are providing a positive solution in helping people to combat health conditions and lead a happier lifestyle.


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2015 -- The Pinnacle Health Clinic, a leading Australian authority in natural health, has launched new treatments for Chronic Conditions. People who suffer from chronic conditions are turning to Will Shannon and his team to receive effective treatments to improve their lifestyle.

Will Shannon, the son of Pinnacle Health Clinic's founder, Eli Shamon, is one of the most well-known naturopaths. Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne customers have turned to him for advice on how to overcome chronic conditions to increase their health and vitality, naturally. With his reputation and the reputation of the Pinnacle Health Clinic, people come from all over Australia and around the world to improve their health through natural therapy.

The treatments provided are clinically proven for combating chronic health problems and for improving patient's lifestyles. The large range of natural therapy treatments available at the clinic allows patients to overcome their health problems with positive results. The Pinnacle Health Clinic uses natural therapy to focus on eliminating the chronic condition from its root cause. By combatting the chronic health condition direct, they can provide permanent results.

Will Shannon explained: "Natural therapy provides real results. Due to our reputation in improving people's lives and fighting chronic health conditions, we have clients visiting our clinics from all over the world."

The Pinnacle Health Clinic has become a trusted name in the world of natural medicine, and as such they have helped thousands of people to overcome their health problems and to improve their lifestyle. To learn more about the natural health experts and to see the services available, please visit

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The Pinnacle Health Clinic was established in 1984 by Eli Shamon, Australia's principal expert in iridology and naturopathy. The leading clinic in central Paramatta, Sydney, consults with individuals from across the country to provide a vast range of health and wellbeing solutions.

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