William Ziegler Releases His New Book, JB Gets Ready for School, for Kids

William Ziegler, the well-known author the book, Perfume Homemade Ecstasy: Perfume Made Easy at Home, ventures for the first time in the children’s fiction genre with his recently launched title


Erie, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- The genre of children’s’ books has been constantly developing and innovating as unlike a decade back, when only two to three authors ruled the roost with typical, run of the mill, predictable stories, currently, more and more authors are venturing into this genre and creating a unique reading experience for kids. A number of authors who would previously only write for adults, have realized the potential that the kids’ genre holds and have started penning books for the same. Renowned author William Ziegler has followed suit and made his debut in the genre of kids’ fiction with his latest book titled ‘JB Gets Ready For School’.

Released a few days back, on March 8 on Amazon, JB Gets Ready For School is an interesting and fun story about the protagonist, JB, and how he spends his first day of Kindergarten. The book has been written for kindergarten aged children and it narrates a perfect story that will widen their imagination as well as excite and engage them. JB Gets Ready For School comes with a moral; that having a great routine for school is a very positive thing. The book has not only been written to provide a nice story to children but also to help them feel less stressful, more confident and enhance their self-image. Kids will be able to connect with JB’s school da routine of getting ready on time, having their clothes out the night before, brushing teeth, eating a good breakfast and getting the backpacks or lunches in place before departure.

William Ziegler is the father of three loving children that he adores who have helped him immensely in penning this book by motivating, influencing and inspiring him. The author also harbors an incredible idea for a children’s picture book, the concept for which was inspired by his own kids. He hopes to explore this new genre soon enough. The Kindle edition of JB Gets Ready For School is currently available online at Amazon for a price of $3.80.

About William Ziegler
William Ziegler was born in Erie, Pa. He grew up on the east side of the city in Erie, Pa until the age of 10 years old. He moved to country living of Greenfield Township and then to North East, Pa. William Ziegler introduced to gardening and living off the land; he learned about breeding and taking care of American Kennel Club show dogs. After a couple of years, he moved back to Erie, Pa. Later in William Ziegler's life he moved to Jamestown, NY for a couple of years. He now resides in Erie, Pa.

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