Williams Lifts Co.

Williams Lifts Co. Now Offers Mobility Devices That Promote Healthier, Happier Lives


Plainfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- For those who live with a disability, they may have many limitations to what they can do around the house. With Williams Lifts Co.’s ramps of NJ or used chair lifts, a person will now be able to experience a healthier, happier lifestyle in New Jersey. Their products will give anyone the ability to gain a sense of independence to maneuver around their home and even from floor to floor easily. With their mobility equipment, one can choose the best options and models that will suit all of their needs.

The experts at Williams Lifts Co. are experienced in providing the latest mobility technology that allows those who struggle day to day to access areas in their own home. With a new lift chair in NJ, one can now conveniently feel secure with their mobility device. By taking a closer look at all of Williams Lifts Co. products, homeowners can choose the best materials that will fit perfect in one’s existing home. The professionals will be sure to assist anyone who is lost in choosing a wheelchair, stair lift, ramp, etc.

Traveling up and down the stairs should not have to be a frightening or nerve-wracking experience. Those at Williams Lifts Co. understand that some struggle and put themselves at risk trying to travel throughout their home without the correct mobility equipment. Not only is it unsafe, but it is also extremely time consuming.

Without a doubt, a stair lift or ramp is a great solution for those with disabilities to overcome any problem maneuvering throughout their home or workplace. Having a chair lift from NJ makes it a great solution for those who want to remain independent and provide for themselves without having other family members worrying about their well-being. Williams Lifts Co. is proud to provide anyone with a disability a healthier, happier lifestyle with their ramps and lifts.

About The Williams Lift Company
The Williams Lift Company is a division of Williams Surgical, which was opened in 1947 by Thomas E. Williams. It continues to be owned and operated by the Williams family to this very day. Barry Williams, Thomas Williams’ son, joined the business after graduating college in 1970, and is the current owner along with his wife, Judy. Barry’s daughter Laura joined the business in 1992, and is the general manager. Laura’s husband Richard came on board in 2004 to create what is truly a family owned and operated business. To hear more log on to http://www.williamslifts.com