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Williams Lifts Co. Reveals New Wheelchair Maintenance Tips


Plainfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- For those who are handicapped or disabled, they do not have to suffer through the lack of mobility anymore, because Williams Lifts Co. now offers wheelchair rentals in NJ and much more. The company is also revealing important wheelchair maintenance tips, allowing those to gain back mobility and live their lives fully. If one happens to depend on their wheelchair for everyday use, it is important to maintain the equipment so that there are minimal disruptions and problems.

If one’s equipment does malfunction, it can cause major inconvenience or hardships and even put him or her in danger. As an owner of a wheelchair, the operator will be the first to know if it is not functioning properly. The professionals at Williams Lifts Co. recommend frequently cleaning and maintaining a wheelchair to keep everything running smoothly. If one happens to take advantage of a wheelchair rental in NJ he or she must make sure it suits all needs and maneuverability.

With these tips revealed by Williams Lifts Co., they are able to further assist those in need. By not only maintaining the equipment but cleaning it, they will help prevent any infections or bacteria that may build up. The same goes for wheelchair platform lifts in NJ or anything that is used daily. Maintenance is key to avoiding any accidents and potential problems.

Besides cleaning and knowing the ins and outs of one’s wheelchair, checking the hardware will also verify the safety of the wheelchair. With Williams Lifts Co. being a stair lift dealer for wheelchairs, they make sure all nuts and bolts are fastened, checking all new and used wheelchairs before sold. As a solution for mobility, Williams Lifts Co. is able to provide those solutions as well as tips to getting the most of out one’s wheelchair, ramp, lifts, etc.

About The Williams Lift Company
The Williams Lift Company is a division of Williams Surgical, which was opened in 1947 by Thomas E. Williams. It continues to be owned and operated by the Williams family to this very day. Barry Williams, Thomas Williams’ son, joined the business after graduating college in 1970, and is the current owner along with his wife, Judy. Barry’s daughter Laura joined the business in 1992, and is the general manager. Laura’s husband Richard came on board in 2004 to create what is truly a family owned and operated business.

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