Launches Campaign to Register Wills


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2014 -- According to the U.S. Will Registry, approximately 67% of wills written disappear, never to be found. A will remains a critical document, one that loved ones need when one passes away to ensure the final wishes of the deceased are followed. For those who become ill and unable to state their wishes, the living will provides specific instructions regarding the medical care desired and other legal matters.

"With the help of an online will registry, the concern over a lost will vanishes as one knows exactly where to find their loved one's document without delay," G Pierce of The U.S. Will Registry declares.

Many associate living wills with health care decisions which must be made in the event one is incapacitated. Although one hopes they never find themselves in this situation, it's best to plan for the worst. Living wills do much more than lay out one's wishes in terms of medical care. The document typically details one's wishes when it comes to guardianship, power of attorney, and other legal matters.

"Make use of free living will forms available online and create this document today. Planning for incapacity remains one area many overlook when managing finances, leading to disaster when one is incapacitated for any length of time. Doing so places the decisions in the hands of the patient, rather than leaving medical decisions to a loved one, decisions they may find difficult to make when dealing with a loved one and his or her future," Pierce explains. "The goal of a will, either living or final, is to reduce the burden on those left behind and to ensure one has say in his or her medical care and distribution of assets."

At the age of 97, Roman Blum a real estate developer and Holocaust survivor, died in 2012 without a will or one that anyone could locate. Mr. Blum became famous in a short period of time as his estate was worth $40 million, and he had no known living family members. As a result of the failure of Mr. Blum to write a will or leave one where it could be located, New York may receive this money.

"Situations such as this are easily prevented. Anyone can quickly and easily create an online last will and testament to detail where they wish their estate to go. The ease of creating wills online makes this task one that everyone should undertake immediately. With the help of the The U.S. Will Registry, one can do this today and receive peace of mind, knowing their final wishes will be respected," Pierce states.

The U.S. Will Registry strive to eliminate the problem of missing or lost wills and living wills as the inability to locate these documents when needed leads to stress, familial distention, and hardship. In addition, family members often lack the name of the attorney responsible for preparing the will, leading the final wishes of the deceased to be ignored. The U.S. Will Registry ensures this is no longer the case as it is the only national storage system for wills and living wills, providing citizens with the confidence needed to know their documents can be located in a time of need, no matter where family members are located.