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Wilmington NC Roofing Company Harbor Roofing & Siding Launches Innovative New Product Offering: Custom Metal Fabrication


Wilmington, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2019 -- Local roofing company Harbor Roofing and Siding is pleased to announce they have acquired new technology for those looking for a high quality metal roof for either home or business.

The VS-150 multiple profile machine from Roll Former allows the team at Harbor Roofing and Siding to custom design and create on-site fabricated metal for any customer and any roofing need. This is a major step forward for the company and its customers.

"While it may not seem it to our customers, this is actually going to cut some of the cost of a metal roof. We will no longer need to order the roofing materials and have it delivered. Now, we can fabricate on site. This will save money and precious time for those people waiting for their new metal roof," said Nate Thompson of Harbor Roofing.

Being in Wilmington and close to the beach and surf means there is always going to be a need for sturdy roofing because of the sea air and, unfortunately, the occasional heavy storm or hurricane. Metal roofing materials normally stand up better against both as opposed to the classic asphalt shingle, making the choice ideal for new construction, a new roof or someone looking to sell a home in the area.

The new fabrication system also has various different dies for customizing the roof look and design. This way customers can make their roof stand out from the neighbors with little to no extra on their part. The VS-150 does all of it.

The VS-150 also will help save money for the customer because the system can custom cut metal roofing material to length. There will be no odd pieces of metal left behind for the clean up crew after the roof is complete.

"Many people see the cost of a metal roof and are immediately put off by the cost. What they do not realize is a metal roof will last considerably longer than an asphalt shingle, can be fabricated into a specific shape and color as well. Now that we have the technology for on-site work, it is an ideal time to consider a new metal roof on a home or business," continued Thompson.

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