Wind Mitigation Inspectors Champion the Cause of Homeowners Fighting to Keep Their Wind Mitigation Discounts

The Florida Homeowner’s Guide to Wind Mitigation Discounts: "Everything YOU Need to Know and Everything THEY Don't Want You to Know" is available now, price $9.95


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2012 -- A new DIY self help guide on how to ensure you keep your Wind Mitigation Discounts, is published today.

In “The Florida Homeowner’s Guide to Wind Mitigation Discounts” the Wind Mitigation Inspectors who have written the book give valuable Insider Tips and step by step instructions to follow to help the hard pressed homeowner hang on to their valuable discounts.

The book, written by The Solution Action Network Team, tells you everything you need to know to keep your wind mitigation discounts. The inspection team are experts who understand the plight of homeowners and believe many homeowners are losing their wind mitigation discount credits unnecessarily, says spokesperson Ellen Kaufman.

They have now decided to expose the industry for what it is, an excuse for insurance companies to be seen to be ‘giving with one hand’  and then ‘take it away with the other’ coming back and looking for any excuse, however, tiny, to remove valuable discounts, forcing the homeowner to spend more with them on their annual premiums. This is not fair to the homeowners; believe many of the wind mitigation inspectors.

“Homeowners are losing wind mitigation discounts because they are not properly prepared for the inspections. They also do not know what their home is being graded on. Many homeowners have the wind mitigation features in place but because they do not have the proper supporting documentation, they lose”, said wind mitigation inspector and co-author D. Allen Jones.  On re-inspection, some insurance companies judge on technical ‘errors’ such as this and look for any excuse to find a discrepancy, they then go on to remove the discount credits which yields more money in the pockets of the insurance company.

This book was written to level the playing field for homeowners. The Inspectors – the homeowners’ Wind Discount Champions - want to give hard pressed homeowners the answers to the test before they schedule an inspection, point out the areas they need to address and give them the knowledge to arm them with so they can rest assured they will be able to retain their valuable Wind Mitigation Discounts, which represents real money staying in their own pocket as opposed to the Insurance Company’s pocket.

The book is intentionally priced low at $9.95 so that ALL Homeowners can afford it. It is also made as an eBook so homeowners can access it immediately.

“The Florida Homeowner’s Guide to Wind Mitigation Discounts” published by The Solution Revolution New Media Publishing Group is available today; price $9.95 in eBook format and $11.95  in printed format ..

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