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Window Replacement Company Gilkey Window Company Shares New Lo Glass Research


Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- Due to the steady depletion of Earth’s non-renewable resources, energy conservation has become a hot topic in the world today. As a result, many companies have started to develop more energy efficient solutions that can help save not only the Earth, but also their customers’ wallets.

Since 1978, Gilkey Window Company has been an advocate for saving the environment. The window replacement Chicago company, which manufactures, sells, and installs high quality and energy efficient windows, has been recognized as having the most superior vinyl windows in the United States. Gilkey Window Company proudly wears the Energy Star® from the Department of Energy.

Due to their involvement with energy efficient solutions, Gilkey Window Company has recently become aware of new statistics relating to Lo?² glass, a new type of material that is known to cut solar heat in half. According to the research, the energy savings are immense.

Presently, 58% of residential windows and doors contain energy efficient glass—an amount that has “[reduced] peak energy demand enough to eliminate the need for eight new MW coal-fired power plants each year,” explains the Chicago window company.

Hypothetically, if the remaining 42% of inefficient windows and doors had Lo?² glass, then there would be no need to construct six additional MW coal-fired power plants each year because of reduced energy demands. Greenhouse gas emissions, also known as CO2, would be reduced by 2.5 million tons each year because home heaters and coolers would not be working as hard. According to the Cincinnati windows experts, if a house became Lo?² efficient, then they would prevent CO2 emissions equivalent to “the difference between the volume of CO2 emitted by driving an SUV versus a small hybrid vehicle.”

About 50% of the United States’ manufactured windows are installed as replacements or remodels in older homes. Gilkey Window Company revealed that if these windows were energy-efficient, then it would allow the energy performance to become actual U.S. consumption reductions.

The Cincinnati Window Replacement company is proud to be one of the most trusted window replacement companies in the country. Individuals with questions about Gilkey Window Company’s energy efficient solutions are welcome to contact a company representative.

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