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Windows 7 Games Releases Big New Batch of Casual PC and Mac Games for Download

With new additions to all the major categories, fans of everything from hidden object games to action and adventure will find something worth playing, Windows 7 Games reports


North Western, Sri Lanka -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2015 -- Windows 7 Games released a generous new round of casual games for download at With all of the Windows 7 games offering free demo time of 60 minutes or more, visitors can spend many hours engrossed in everything from intense mahjong matches to physics-based puzzles and spooky adventures. Windows 7 Games is a leading destination for those who love fun in digital form, offering visitors the best casual PC and Mac games for trial and purchase.

"We're happy to announce that we have just uploaded a huge new collection of great games," Windows 7 Games representative Pathiraja Dammika said, "Action arcade games, puzzles, point-and-click adventures, or hidden object challenges: This is our biggest update so far, and it includes something for everyone. As always, all of our games include generous trial periods of 60 minutes or more, and all can easily be purchased thereafter at highly affordable prices."

With digital technology now an entrenched part of daily life around much of the world, the face of video gaming is changing. Not long ago thought of as the sole domain of young men, video games have recently developed a much broader sort of appeal.

Leading gaming portal Big Fish Games, for instance, found in its 2014 Global Gaming Report that women now make up almost half of all active game players in the United States. More mature people are increasingly getting in on the fun, too, with nearly a third of all devoted gamers now aged 50 or above.

When these enthusiasts seek out entertainment, though, it is frequently of a different sort than the shooters and fighting games that have traditionally been staples. Instead, they often look for more social and accessible means of interactive entertainment, contributing to the growth of the so-called "casual" segment of the industry.

With a wide collection of top-quality casual games for trial and purchase, Windows 7 Games is a popular destination for those looking for something fun, straightforward, and easy to pick up. The company maintains an extensive catalog of games broken up into categories like "Action & Arcade,""Adventure,""Hidden Object," and others, making it easy for visitors to find the perfect way to fill some spare time with fun.

All of the games the site hosts also include generous free trial periods, allowing players to get a feel for what is on offer before committing to purchases. Each game setup file is checked carefully for viruses and hosted on locked-down servers, so that players do not need to worry that their fun will be interrupted by security issues.

With a major new wave of games now available at Windows 7 Games, there is even more entertainment in store for visitors. The site's maintainers also promise that more digital diversions will be uploaded in the near future, encouraging those who love fun to check back again soon.

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