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Windshield Repair Houston - Patsco Windshield Repair Is Now Offering Free Windshield Repair with Approved Insurance


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- Automobiles have become the need of almost every household. With the use of these automobiles, there also comes the trouble of having to deal with the unexpected damage occurred to the vehicle. One of these damages can include a light or heavy dent on the windshield which is quite distracting while driving as it tends to impair vision.

Patsco Windshield Repair Houston has been a professional in fixing the problem of windshield repair since 1995. Located in Houston, Texas, this company has managed to offer quality windshield repairs and headlight restoration for years. Having vast knowledge in the field of windshield repair, Patsco provides service to all types of customers and automobiles. They have specialized in fixing windshield cracks and rock chips up to 24 inches. With approved insurance, Patsco will provide free windshield repair and its staff is willing to assist customers throughout the entire insurance process. The team at Patsco Windshield Repair gives the utmost priority to every customer and provides automobiles with the best windshield repairing treatment. Additionally, a money back guarantee is also offered by Patsco so as to ensure the quality of their customers’ auto glass repair and any future inspections.

Windshield repair is a fast process, usually taking 15-20 minutes for completion. Often, people prefer their car windshields be repaired rather than replaced. But in order to be repaired, cars need to meet certain criteria and the damage done to the windshield must be less than 24 inches. If the crack is larger than the mentioned 24 inches, the best option should be a replacement of the windshield.

Patsco Windshield Repair has over 7 locations in the Houston area and the brilliant service offered has made this company thousands of satisfied customers.  One of the many reasons customers put their trust in Patsco is the fast and timely mannered service, taking only about 15 minutes. Another reason being that the auto glass repair will absolutely cause no out of pocket expenses with approved insurance. When customers are in a prompt need to fix any windshield damages, Patsco Windshield Repair with its many locations within Houston considers its highest concern to offer the best windshield restoration to any automobile.

With the goal of being the best windshield repair shop in Houston, the Patsco team takes pride in its great service. Patsco’s knowledge in the field of windshield repair comes from years of experience. This is what makes Patsco Windshield Repair confident in providing the most convenient service to its customers.

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