Cotati and Windsor Personal Trainer Creates Web Videos to Help Clients

Local Sonoma County personal trainer, Kelly Martinez, has created a way to help people in the gym, even if they aren’t training with her. It’s called Kelly’s Tips – a series of short YouTube videos that gives instructions for her favorite exercises.


Windsor, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2012 -- Kelly Martinez was looking for a way to share her personal training knowledge beyond her clients at the two gyms she calls home in Cotati and Windsor, CA. She did what any tech-savvy young business woman would do and turned to her iPhone and the internet.

Martinez has launched what she calls, “Kelly’s Tips”. These are a series of short YouTube videos where she shows her viewers how to properly perform her favorite exercises. The series is in its infancy with only two episodes, but Martinez has long term plans to expand the archive. She says, “My long term plan is to create an online archive of videos that I can use to not only help my existing clients, but also those people that don’t have the ability to afford a personal trainer.” By focusing her videos on small “tweaks” to basic exercises, Martinez hopes to show people a variety of different ways to increase the intensity of their workout and help them meet their fitness goals.

“The key to seeing progress in your goals in two-fold, the first is consistency and the second is constantly changing your workout. Modifying your grip or changing where you focus your movements will target your muscles in a completely different way.”

Right now, the video series is focusing on everyone’s area of concern for summer: abdominal muscles. Her first two videos are par for the course too, as they show viewers some surprisingly simple modifications to basic exercise that will light a fire to your “soon-to-be-existent” six pack abs.

When asked who helps her with the videos, Martinez said it was the general manager of 21st Century Health Club in Cotati, CA, David Chasin; while the video editing was done by, “a friend”. Martinez is certified as an EMT and also has her certification in nutrition and personal training (CPT) with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), one of the most well known national organizations for personal training certifications.

“’If YOU can dream it, YOU can do it!’ Those words inspire me to motivate you. “

Right now, the health club that she trains at is offering a special on personal training for members and non-members. The cost is $54 for 4 sessions and is an introductory rate. Chasin, the club manager says,

“It’s a great opportunity for people to try personal training and see what our club has to offer them without having to make the commitment of a monthly gym membership. Also, it’s a chance for our members to experience one of our extra services at a giveaway cost. You’ll be hard pressed to find personal training sessions with certified trainers for less than $14 anywhere else in the County”.

You can find Kelly’s Tips on 21st Century Health Club’s website under the “Fitness & Classes” section.

Here’s a direct link:

Also, below is a link to the personal training special that 21st Century Health Club is currently offering:

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