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Windtech Consultants Offers Integrated Wind Engineering Solutions

Wind energy market analysis is crucial to raise safe and secure buildings. Now, Windtech Consultants provide clients with complete wind engineering solutions to help them construct buildings with safe structures.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- Designing a building is an arduous task and several parameters contribute to that. Especially, the effect of wind on the buildings plays a huge role in its designing part. Wind-induced motion will produce strong effects on tall, slender and flexible buildings and this can really affect the performance and safety of the buildings.

“89% of owners fail to realise that wind effect on buildings can influence the safety and security of any building and this will eventually lead to disastrous results. With technology advancement, today there are several wind energy consultants who can test the wind loads on structures and help the owners with most possible solutions. With this approach, building strong buildings unaffected by strong winds is highly possible,” said a spokesperson.

Professional wind engineering services employ wind tunnel study to analyse the wind loads for structures taller than 200m. Wind effects can be measured using other techniques like high-frequency base balance rig. Approaching a professional service is a recommended option as the entire process of studying and analysing the wind patterns and its effect on buildings has to be meticulous.

A director at Windtech Consultants, a celebrated wind engineering solution provider in Australia, opened up, “Property owners are now focusing on raising buildings that are strong and safe. Wind analysis is an all-important factor impacting the safety of any building. Realizing this we are offering credible and noteworthy solutions to fix the issues and help them build powerful and safe buildings. Besides, we concentrate on the interference effects of wind on nearby buildings as well. We utilize different types of techniques to study and analyse the wind loads to help in building a secure building. Our innovative approach and up-to-date knowledge on this field has helped us serve several clients in a short span of time.”

A client expressed, “Windtech and team was highly helpful and professional over the complete building process and I'm really impressed with their study and analysis. The entire process was completed in a short span of time. I highly recommend them.”

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Windtech Consultants helps owners with meticulous instrumentation and analysis of wind study. With two innovative wind tunnel laboratories and incredible analysis reports they have been preferred widely by 90% of building owners in Australia.

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