U.S. Wine Business Is Looking to Expand the Export to China


Sebastopol, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2012 -- China growing economy is helping to drive demand for U.S. business, offering a new market for wines, spirits and other goods. With U.S. wine exports reaching record levels last year, businesses should try to sell more aggressively their wines, spirits and other agricultural products into China’s market.

According to the California Wine Institute United States wine exports has strike another record in 2011. By volume, 90% of the exports are from California, where the wine sales achieved a new record of $1.39 million in winery earnings in the past year and increase of almost 22 percent compared to 2010. The amount of the wine shipments was up almost six percent to 455.7 million liters or 50.6 million (12x750ml) cases. Nearly 1/3 of the U.S. wine exports are shipped to the EU countries, accounting for $478 million of the revenues, up 10% from 2010. The other top wine markets were: Canada up 23 percent to the amount of $379 million; Hong Kong up 39 percent to the value of $163 million; Japan up 39 percent to $105 million and China up 42 percent to $62 million.

In general United States exports to China last year have reached more than $100 billion, which mean that business will create more manufacturing jobs and bring the U.S. industry and economy back into the growing track. So what’s next? The local agricultural business will be looking to capitalize on that trading opportunity, which will make more goods, agro products and farmhouse cheeses to get exported with these great US wines.

According to Winejobs website, which is run by the trade publication Wine Business, they have see increase of the job postings in the last few months, and expects to see roughly 15 to 20 percent more openings in the wine industry, overall this year than the past 2011.

If you are thinking to get into the wine industry and start a new career, erase the dream of sitting with a glass of your favorite wine overlooking a vineyard and working flexible hours. The wine industry is competitive niche just like any other business and to find a job is not an easy task. The wine business offers many options for those looking for wine job to follow their dream. Many wine jobs will require special education and previous industry experience as well. However, if you decide to take this long journey, a wine career can be a fulfilling and grateful opportunity for the right person.

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