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Lawn Mower Experts Offer the Best in Mowing Equipment, Including Dixie Chopper: The World’s Fastest Lawn Mower


Leesburg, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2016 -- The task of keeping one's lawn at an acceptable length is one that many homeowners do not take lightly. In today's day and age, cutting grass to a good length can be done with any number of lawn mowers and edgers. The key is finding equipment that is reliable, affordable, and efficient. Fortunately, the experts at Wingfield Ag & Lawn understand the importance of these three aspects, which is why they offer their customers the very best in landscaping products. One brand in particular has carved its way into the hearts of landscapers everywhere: Dixie Chopper. It is a lawn mower characterized by speed and a job well done, and it is one of many top notch brands available at Wingfield Ag & Lawn – a true leader in the industry.

Wingfield Ag and Lawn is an authorized dealer of Dixie Chopper Gator ® Blades, which come in four different sizes that correspond to four different lawn mower sizes.

- Dixie Chopper 42 Inch Mulcher 3-in-1 Magnum Mower Blade
- Dixie Chopper 50 Inch Gator Mulcher 3-in-1 Magnum Mower Blade and High-lift Mower blades
- Dixie Chopper 60 inch Gator Mulcher 3-in-1 Magnum Mower Blade and High-lift Mower blades
- Dixie Chopper 72 inch Gator Mulcher 3-in-1 Magnum Mower Blade and High-Lift Mower blade

Finding the right equipment for your lawn has never been easier with Wingfield's online ordering setup. Customers can have parts shipped to them free of cost, a pleasant surprise in an age where convenience fees have become the norm.

With an attention to detail that is unrivaled, Wingfield has made an impression on customers far and wide. Their collection includes a wide variety of blades and tires to help lawn mower owners cutting grass with maximum efficiency. Ultimately, the company has a generous selection of landscaping materials and equipment, including: edger blades, filters, lawn mower parts, sprayers, trimmer line kits and Gator blades.

"Lawn mowing is a serious business, whether you do so for your own property or as a landscaper," explained owner and founder Neil Wingfield. He went on to say "We are in the business of helping our clients get the job done right, which is why we offer fully operational lawn mowers, in addition to the parts and accessories sold here at Wingfield."

About Wingfield Ag and Lawn
Wingfield Ag and Lawn is a South Georgia based company that began as a small store in 1995, operating from an office located in an old horse barn. Since then it has grown to become a major name in the lawn and landscaping industry, selling top quality lawn mowers, parts, and accessories to customers throughout the United States.