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Wingfield Ag & Lawn Shares a Few Easy Steps to Take Before Storing Away Mowers for the Winter

Longtime Lawnmower Blade Dealer Shares Some Tips on Proper Lawnmower Care for the Cold Season


Leesburg, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2016 -- With winter fast approaching, it's an important time for lawnmower owners to remember they need to properly store their precious equipment for the cold months ahead. Storing a mower for the winter is a form of caring for a mower just as important as engine parts maintenance, changing the blades, and so on. For many individuals, caring for one's lawn is a point of pride and having proper, optimally-working equipment to do it is extremely important.

Longtime lawnmower blade dealers Wingfield Ag & Lawn have been in the business many years and have a few tips their customers or any lawnmower owner for that matter should heed in regards to winter lawnmower storage.

The steps are quite simple and require minimal time and energy:

- About a month before winter hits, begin putting fuel stabilizer in every gas can
- Go out and buy fresh fuel to stabilize for optimum protection
- Next, fill the tank almost all the way (about 95% full) with fresh, stabilized fuel
- Change the oil
- Change the air filter
- Finally, let the engine run for a few minutes

"With over 20 years experience in this business, we've seen a lot of lawnmowers not do so well come spring and it's best if folks take the time to follow these basic steps in order to save themselves a lot of money and trouble in the future," shared Neil Wingfield.

Founded in 1995, Wingfield Ag & Lawn has served countless customers across the country, offers a huge selection of lawnmower blades not found in many other stores, and even offers free shipping on all orders over $100. Wingfield Ag & Lawn has the knowledge to share with all its customers exactly what will work best with their current equipment and can advise as to what the capabilities of each item they sell amount to.

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Wingfield Ag & Lawn is a South Georgia based company that began as a small store in 1995, operating from an office located in an old horse barn. Since then it has grown to become a major name in the lawn and landscaping industry, selling top quality lawn mowers, parts, and accessories to customers throughout the United States.