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Winning Strategy for Small Businesses: App-Based Product Marketing - Study by Shows

People have come to expect an app for everything, and small businesses can tap into the immense potentials of app-based marketing and realize amazing results from the mobile consumer space. plans to publish a guide to help businesses build apps in an easy, stress-free way.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- In an age of smartphones and the mobile Internet, apps are changing the way people approach life and business; connecting with friends and associates is now done almost entirely via smartphones and handheld devices – iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and various others. And most of the services that run on such platforms are provided through apps – in fact, apps are becoming a part of American culture according to

Noah Elkin, researcher at eMarketer:
“It’s getting to the point where apps are similar to search,” he said. “If you don’t get any results for a brand, that brand doesn’t exist.”

The implications this has for small businesses are enormous, as they may have to consider including apps as part of their core marketing strategy to really take off in a crowded market targeting customers who may expect to access their services and products more conveniently via apps that will run on most common consumer electronic handheld devices.

"By the end of this year, according to the digital marketing firm eMarketer, there will be 116 million smartphone users in the United States...That is a large and expanding canvas for apps when consumers have come to expect one for almost everything," said a recent report.

An app strategy would complement more traditional promotional and marketing techniques like TV, radio and print (including common printing services as flyer printing, large format printing, brochure printing, shipping labels printing, vinyl banners and other custom promotional printing applications).

To help businesses easily switch to an app strategy, business/tech research firm and blog will be publishing a guide for building apps in a low-cost, easy and stress-free way. Once out, the guide will be available at no cost on the website.

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