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Winter Running Tips and Precautions


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- The approaching snow and cooler temperatures doesn’t necessarily require a change in fitness habits. Lacing up running shoes and hitting the pavement is still possible, even in winter months, with the right precautions and preparation. Winter running or walking activities do have their challenges, but keeping the following factors in mind will allow avid running or walking enthusiasts to keep up their habits during cooler months.

Changes in temperature require changes in dress, but not drastic changes. The furthest extremities (toes, hands, ears and nose) need to be protected as they are the most susceptible to cold, but balance is important. Keep in mind that whilst running the body does build up a lot of heat. If planning to run a long distance, dress warmly enough to stand the temperature outside, but not so warm that you can’t feel the coolness of the air. Lightweight, sweat-wicking garments are the best choices to keep the body warm and dry at the same time.

Whist on the journey, pay attention to changes in wind direction and how it will affects body temperature. When running into the wind, put on a hat and zip up the hood of a jacket; when the wind is at the back, remove these items as to keep body temperature regulated.

For safety reasons, it’s bet to jog with a partner during the winter months. This will not only keep both runners accountable to their fitness goals, but in case of injury from a fall on slippery roads, another person will be along to assist in protecting the runner from the cold until help can be reached.

In addition to this safety precaution, it’s still important to monitor weather conditions. A cool yet sunny winter day is perfect for a run; one in which a blizzard is expected, or the day after an ice storm is not. Make wise decisions, and if a daily jog needs to be put off because of the weather, put it off and make it up another day. As always, rest is just as important as physical activity for overall wellness.

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