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Winter Skin Woes Banished with Help from Green City of Philadelphia


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2016 -- In the Northeastern United States, winter weather conditions are anything but favorable for most skin types. Consistent exposure to dry air and cold winds leads to skin that becomes dry, chapped, flaky, red and dull—a far cry from the smooth, fresh look favored since time immemorial. Green City, a local salon known for offering the best waxing alternative in Philadelphia, suggests that fixing winter skin problems may be as simple as switching one's beauty regimen.

The Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar from organic beauty brand Me & The Girls, available at Green City, is the ultimate skin solution for winter woes. The formula of this small but powerful product is designed to nourish, plump, cleanse and heal skin during all seasons, but its moisturizing, non-greasy formula makes it ideal for treating the skin issues that typically crop up during the colder months. Thanks to its main ingredient, cupuacu seed better, as well as other natural ingredients like cocoa butter and coconut oil, Bar Beleza is capable of cleansing and moisturizing all at once. The luxurious formula absorbs into skin, revitalizing it with rich moisture, healing dry patches and protecting skin from harsh elements, including free radicals that contribute to the signs of aging.

Green City's signature service, sugaring, best known as a gentle, natural, and long-lasting alternative to waxing, is also a potential solution for Philadelphia clients facing issues with sensitive skin. This hair removal process involves applying a ball of sugar paste to the skin and flicking it away, removing hair at the root in the process. Since the paste adheres to dead skin cells, sugaring is also an excellent natural exfoliant, and can help alleviate the flakiness and dullness caused by winter dryness.

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About Green City
Green City was created to bring the ancient technique of sugaring and healthy skin to the Greater Philadelphia area. The sugaring specialists at Green City have been trained by renowned sugaring experts in Los Angeles and have spent hours perfecting their craft. The company focuses on providing all-natural alternatives for hair removal and skin conditioning, and serves as the perfect combination of clinical and natural skin care options for the conscious consumer. Their techniques work to maintain the skin from the inside out. All of the products used and sold at the location have been thoroughly researched to offer only the best professional and natural skin care options.

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